Vests and Cranberry: How to Style Your Fur (and avoid looking like a drug lord)

















FUR VEST: Forever 21  ::  DENIM: Current/Elliott  ::  SHOES: Pour la Victoire, similar style here  ::  BLOUSE: Splendid, similar style here  ::  HAT: Forever 21

Annnnnnd my hat obsession continues. How amazing is this fedora?! Forever 21 killed it. Seriously. It killed the cranberry fedora fashion game because this glorious bad boy is under $20, fits like a dream, and looks like money. I’ve also always loved fur and faux fur but find that it’s hard to find a piece that doesn’t make me look like a shaggy yak or an undersized gorilla, so when I found this perfectly constructed vest I was SO excited. Even the hubs, who usually asks me if I a) just killed something or b) am trying to be a 70’s drug lord every time I wear fur liked this look! That’s a huge win. Seriously. Plus I feel like I’m ballin’ cause hey, that vest could be real…no one will ever know 😉

The fur vest created some awesome dimension for the fedora and then I kept the rest of the look with simple with some super distressed jeans, black heels, and a white blouse. When styling with fur I find that less is generally more. Try to keep colors muted and avoid a lot of patterns or designs so that your fur piece can really shine and be the star of the show. If overdone, you may end up looking like a confused nouveau riche socialite or  and unless that’s the goal, keep it simple. Definitely going to be wearing this for the holidays too, the color and the fur feel super festive (and with the weather in the 60’s and cloudy today I can totally pretend that it’s cold out).   Happy Wednesday babes!! What do you guys think about this look? Is faux fur a yay or a nay?



  • Reply November 12, 2014


    Love this post and you look so good with the vest!! Can I borrow that hat too?

    • Reply November 12, 2014


      Awe girl thank you!!!! Of course – anytime 😉 Just come live in my closet!!

  • Reply November 12, 2014

    Erica Elizarraraz

    You look AMAZING babe!!! That hat looks so fab on you and that vest and those jeans they all mesh so well together. Perfection! ❤️

    • Reply November 13, 2014


      Aghhh girl I am so beyond honored!! Thank you!! Seriously I absolutely love you and your blog, your style is on point and you are just stunning!

  • Reply November 13, 2014

    Girls Just Wanna Have

    Yay! I finally got it!!! You made me laugh! Not even if you wanted to you would look like a drug lord 😀 you look gorgeous and you could live in hats! You can pull it of like no other, perfect! Xx

    • Reply November 13, 2014


      Ahahaha yay!!!! I’m so glad I could make you laugh <3 that's the ultimate goal! And thank you so much!!! You are so sweet. I really truly love looking at your photos, it makes me so happy. Your babe is just absolute perfection.

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    Your hair is utterly gorgeous; so long and healthy! As I mentioned on a previous post on my blog, I’m not usually a massive fan of purple and yet lately I find myself drawn to it – and this is one of those times; the colour looks beautiful on both you and when combined with this look! 🙂


    • Reply November 13, 2014


      Awe thanks girl! I take an awesome supplement and it has helped my hair out a ton!! I’m like you normally, I am not a fan usually of purple or of any color actually since I generally wear black, white, or gray, but I am seriously loving this cranberry color right now!! Thanks for the love and for checking out my site!!

  • […] As I rule I try to never spend over $50 for faux fur, and with that mindset and a little hunting you can always find an amazing piece. I happen to love Forever 21 for faux fur, I’ve found that they consistently have some of the best styles and prices. Once you have your hands on that perfect fur piece though, how do you style it? Always let the fur be the shining star of your outfit. Avoid loud patterns and colors, opting instead for neutral colors that really compliment the hues in the fur. Try to keep the rest of your outfit simple, understated, and classic rather than overdoing it with several trends (in this case I choose a white blouse, distressed denim, and simple black heels to avoid having too many pieces competing with each other). Play around with lengths too – try a cropped fur vest with a long maxi dress or an oversized coat with denim shorts to create dimension and contrast (this is a great way to style any outfit, not just fur). Last but not least, go for a piece that does not overwhelm your frame. Often times one of the biggest mistakes that people make styling a fur piece is that they choose a piece that completely overwhelms their body. YOU wear the fur, don’t let the fur wear you. This is what will separate you from looking like an animal versus looking like you’re wearing one I hope that you guys love this look and feel ready to try your hand at wearing some faux fur! Make sure that you come visit me over at my blog for more styling tips, fitness regimens, and everything in between. Muah! Click here to shop her look! […]

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