About Me | My Life As Maya


Mama to three humans, three chickens, and two dogs. I have always enjoyed reading blogs, but often found myself trying to measure-up to these seemingly perfect women, and constantly falling short. I adored blogs where I felt that I could connect with the writer, where the blog’s author still held some resemblance of normalcy-a stray hair here, a burned dinner there.  The more real I can be with my readers, the better. I want you to feel warmth when you read my blog, reassured, inspired, a sense of camaraderie.   Life is way too short for anything other than happiness.

I also wanted a space where I could share all of the things that I love, from fashion to motherhood.  I wanted to be able to share what I have learned since I became a mom, to be able to discuss breastfeeding, deadlifts, gluten-free pizza, and heels all in one spot. So. Sit back, enjoy, and remember, behind whatever seemingly put-togetherness you might see on this blog, I am just a slightly frazzled, OCD driven, yoga pant clad mommy.