Four Birds Flew and Mommy Reads Book Club

Hi loves! Today I get to talk about a few things that I adore: my girlfriend Amanda Martin and her company FourBirdsFlew, and reading! From the time that I was a little girl up until the day he passed away, my dad read to me each and every night. Of course we…


Nude Heels and Blush Blouses

I’m baaaaack. FINALLY. Can’t wait to share all of the new content with you guys, the new looks, recipes, workouts, ohh emm gee it is going to be so much fun. I’ve been on the search for some nude heels for a while. I’m super duper picky about nude…it has…


Friday is for Lovers – and Jumpsuits

I have a thing for rompers, jumpers, playsuits. Whatever you want to call them, I love ’em. They make my life easy – throw one on and you’re ready to go, with no one the wiser that your chic little outfit took two seconds to put together. On a chillier…


Little Black Everything…Almost

I love black…I always have. If my entire life could be monochrome, shades of blacks and grays and dashes of white, I would be so stoked. If you’ve never checked out my Pinterest and are a lover of monochrome, peep it. Most of my home decor inspo is based on…


Summer Transitions with Tobi

Oookay – so it’s been a while, right? But there’s nothing like some rad gear from Tobi to make a girl get back to posting. I have tons of updates, but that’s for later – because right now all that matters is this super-ridiculously-amazing two-piece set. For reals – there…


Easter and San Diego

Our family took an impromptu trip down to San Diego this weekend for Easter – and it was SO nice. I haven’t left LA much at all lately, and was seriously in need of a getaway. Everything here in LA moves so fast – the days fly by, weekends feel…



I love laid back outfits. I am a tomboy at heart, and I prefer oversized tops, shredded denim, and semi-androgynous styles over anything else. While I do enjoy getting dressed up in pretty, girly pieces, I always feel the most “me” in looks like this one. There are few things…


La Clé and the Naked Key

Sometimes we don’t need words. Some days we just need the sun, the ocean….the salt and the sun. Simplicity. I love the simple things, which is probably why I am so drawn to La Clé jewelry and their concept: “Look good, feel good, do good”. Simple, straightforward, powerful. Owner Deanna Saracino…


Coachella-Wear and Festival Inspo

Happy Monday loves! I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend. The Big C has been gone on business so the little one and I had a weekend full of park play dates, ice cream shop visits (oops), and pony rides at the Sunday farmer’s market in Santa Monica….


Beach Rescues and Super Heros

We had the best time a few weeks ago: the weather had finally warmed up enough for a full on beach day, and the little bug could not have been more overjoyed. Our family loves the beach – on the weekends during the warmer months we make it a point…