Leggings and a Booty-kicking Workout

Happy New Year loves! I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season – it’s sort of sad when it’s all over though. It goes so fast. I took a much-needed break from blogging and Instagram and spent lots of time with Miss C and Chase. We had our very first Christmas in our new house (we shared some photos on IG of our decor in case you missed it), and Chloe was stoked on her presents which was exciting. It’s the first year she really knew what she wanted, and it was fun to be able to give her that, and to see how magical Christmas is for a kid. Growing up my family was Jewish, and I never experienced Christmas until I met Chase. I hope that Santa and his magic lasts for as long as possible for Miss C…seeing the world through her eyes is pretty incredible. Anyways! On to the new year.

I find that people tend to re-evaluate what they’re doing around the first of January – we take a look at our lives and ask ourselves what we want to do better, what we need more of in our life, how we can feel better fulfilled. One thing that I always need more of in my life, the one thing that we can never get or give too much of, is love. Our world desperately needs love and compassion, so for this year I am going to try to have and give more love – and this super cool Spiritual Gangster jacket kinda says it all. Another thing we tend to do is re-evaluate our health, the ways in which we are caring for ourselves, and with that generally comes the gym. So, for those of you that have decided to head back to the gym, rededicate yourself to healthy living, or just take better care of your mind, body and soul in general, I’m sharing an ass-kicking workout and some tips on my favorite gym gear.

I wear a LOT of workout leggings. Like, I basically live in them. I get dressed up to shoot but the reality is that the majority of my life is spent in workout clothes. So I am super picky about leggings – I have specific stuff that I look for and am often disappointed, in all honesty. So I can’t tell you how STOKED I was when I tried on these leggings from Public Myth. I would never tell you guys something was absolutely amazing if it wasn’t, so trust me when I tell you that these may possibly be the best leggings I have ever owned, EVER. Like, better than Lululemon. Better than Nike, PINK, etc. They are thick, with a slightly higher waistband that keeps the muffin top at bay – essentially they are thick enough that they act as compression leggings, sucking everything in 😉 The mesh details are super cute, and they are fade and shrink resistant (I’ve worn and washed them a bunch already and they look like new). They pass the gym test too – they wick away sweat ad keep you cool, and you don’t get that funny looking crotch stuff that happens with some leggings – cause let’s just be honest, some leggings get all baggy and weird down there. Rest assured, these do not. I can’t communicate enough how much I love these leggings. And maybe it’s coming off a little intense because not everyone shares my legging obsession, but really, get yo’ self a pair and see what I’m talking about. Amaze.

PS – I’m also wearing one of Public Myth’s bamboo tanks, which are 75% bamboo! This makes them eco-friendly (bamboo is sustainable, needs very little water, etc), and super soft with natural wicking properties. Definitely a fave as well.

ANDDDD – as promised, a sweet little workout that is sure to leave you seriously sweaty:

  1. After you have warmed up, start with a 3 minute sprint session  or spin. If you are spinning, stand the entire time. Watch your posture, and lower resistance if you need to so that you can spin faster. Ideally you want to be around 90 – 120 rpm
  2. After those three minutes, jump DIRECTLY into this circuit. NO REST!
  3. BALL SQUATS W/ THROW x 20 (do the kind on the video that start at 1:45.)
  4. WALK OUT W/ INCREASING PUSHUP x 10 (start with 1 pushup, then 2 and so on until you reach 10 or failure**, which ever point comes first. If you reach failure before ten, finish your walkouts until you hit ten walkouts)
  5. KNEE PUSHUPS TO FAILURE (start these immediately after the walkouts and continue until you literally can not lift your body back up off the ground)
  6. FLOOR DYNAMIC PRONE COBRA x 20 (this is as close to rest as you are going to get. Focus on pulling those shoulders back and squeeeeezing your glutes)
  7. SWIMMERS x 1 minute
  8. Now, GET BACK ON THE BIKE! Spin or sprint at MAXIMUM output for 2 minutes, and then jump right back into this circuit.
  9. Complete the entire circuit 4 times, puke, smile. You’re done!

**”To failure” means the point where your muscle will literally not lift you or do what it is supposed to do anymore, literally muscle failure.

TANK: c/o Public Myth  ::  LEGGINGS: c/o Public Myth  ::  JACKET: c/o Spiritual Gangster  ::  SHOES: Nike  ::  HAT: c/o CHRLDR