Black Beige and Brass Paper Smith

THURSDAY! Sweet sweet Thursday. I swear, with moving, working, all of our travel lately (SF, LA) I am woooorn out. I’m desperately ready for Christmas although I haven’t decided if I am going to take any days off yet…I probably should. Days off from my day job, that is, because let’s be honest, blogging, being an “influencer”, that never ends, and being a parent, etc. means no days off. Add to that that I am trying to make our house into a home by decorating, painting, and planning every free moment I get and things are just constantly on the edge of chaos. I must sort of enjoy that though, living on the edge of insanity, since I do it so often. I think that it’s what helps me to do everything that I do, there is a constant drive to push forward because I know just HOW MUCH waits for me if I slow down. A lot of people ask how I find the time to blog, to decorate, to work full time, make it to the gym etc. and I always tell them that I don’t sleep, which is in part true. But the rest of that answer is that I just don’t stop. I don’t see any other option except to keep going. And if I want something, I go for it, put my all into it. I am a go hard or go home type of girl, and that serves me when it comes to multi-tasking to the max.

PS – how cute is that phone case from Brass Paper Smith? It’s so unique, I really haven’t seen anything like it before (and I see a LOT of phone cases in this line of work, trust me). I love their company, definitely a cool find and unique place to check out.

JEANS: c/o James Jeans  ::  TOP: Forever 21 (only $5!)  ::  Phone Case: c/o Brass Paper Smith  ::  SHOES: Windsor (sold out), exact same here!  ::  COAT: c/o Pretty Little Thing, very similar here ::  WATCH: c/o Fifth Watches
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