Knee Highs and Booties












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I love knee socks almost as much as I adore over-the-knee-boots (probably because they look so freaking similar, right?). Mixing the softness and femme-feel of the sweater with the grungier combat boots and leather shorts made this outfit a total winner and I couldn’t help but include my beloved hat ūüėČ After I gave birth to my daughter, I felt myself shying away from my usual fashion choices, feeling like for some reason I couldn’t wear certain styles (like my knee socks for example) because “moms don’t dress like that”. What I came to realize over time was that how I dressed or looked did not impact the mother I was, the way I styled myself had no bearing on whether I was a great mom or not….funny the misconceptions we have as new moms. I had been surpressing a side of myself because I was fearful of how I would be perceived or that if I wore something ‘different’ or ‘edgy’ that others would see me as a less-than fit mom. With Little C now three and some years as a mommy under my belt, I’m back to being and dressing like myself. I’ve learned that if someone does want to judge you for something as trivial as what you wear, they weren’t worthy of your time or friendship anyways. So a huge high five and a hug to my mamas out there-be you, wear what you want, and screw the rest. We are all just trying to do the best that we can <3

LEATHER SHORTS: Forever 21, splurge here

SWEATER: Cusp x Neiman Marcus (currently on sale for 30% off goes back to full price Friday), steal here

SOCKS: Urban Outfitters (old), similar here

SHOES:¬†Ash ‘Poker’ Boot, similar steals¬†here¬†and¬†here

HAT: Target, splurge here

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