Santa Monica

Beach Rescues and Super Heros

We had the best time a few weeks ago: the weather had finally warmed up enough for a full on beach day, and the little bug could not have been more overjoyed. Our family loves the beach – on the weekends during the warmer months we make it a point…

Beach Day at the Santa Monica Pier

Confession: considering that we live only about ten minutes from the beach, it’s rather pitiful when you count how many times we have actually GONE to the beach. We drive by it just about every weekend and gaze at the sand and the sun and the people laying out and…

Best Friends and Ice Cream

On Saturday we met up with Little C’s best friend, Miss M. ┬áThe girls have been besties since they were teeny tiny, pre-crawling babes and they love spending time together (plus M’s mom and I happen to be the best of friends as well so it’s a win all around)….