Sweater Dresses and Neoprene



DRESS: Forever 21   ::  COAT: Forever 21  ::  HEELS: French Connection (on sale for $70!!!)

Staying with the simple theme this week. I love this stretchy marled knit sweater dress from Forever 21!! It is SO soft and super stretchy (would be great for me pregnant mamas) and it’s the perfect length at right above the knee. When I found this dress I knew it would be on repeat in my wardrobe – and it looks far more pricy than it is! Also, these French Connection boots are SO crazy comfy! Usually a pointed-toe stiletto wouldn’t exactly be on my list of comfortable shoes but these babies are GLORIOUS, and at 40% off (they’re like $70 right now!) they are a no-brainer. A pointed toe ankle boot is such a classic staple piece, and I love these because they have some added details that set them apart from the norm like the patent leather heel and neoprene side detail (which makes them super easy to take on and off). So yeah, I’m in love with my boots 🙂 Great price, great fit, great style. #WINNING.

Also, I haven’t finished up on the last 15 things about me…so here we go:

  1. I love peanut butter
  2. I have been known to sleep-eat, as in sleep walking and eating and not remembering it
  3. This means that sometimes I wake up with peanut butter on my hands/bed (not often, but yeah)
  4. We have an all-white bedspread and pillows….peanut butter and white aren’t the best combo
  5. I love taking hot showers on cold days, especially if I have been in the rain
  6. I LOVE the rain. If I could I would live in Seattle. Or BC, I love it up there but not sure the Canadians would take me
  7. I speak decent spanish
  8. My family is from Germany
  9. Being a mom is the best, most amazing and most incredibly hard thing that I have ever done
  10. I love to write – if I had more time I think I would want to be a freelance writer on the side
  11. I have a denim obsession….I’m basically a collector of jeans
  12. And a collector of shoes…especially black shoes
  13. I love black….and white….and sometimes gray
  14. Clearly I’m into monochromatic stuff
  15. Coming up with things about me is waaaay harder than I thought it would be!

So. Tell me something about you guys?