Steal vs. Splurge: Leather Jackets


They are all here, everything from blazers to biker jackets, faux and real leather, and a perfect addition to your wardrobe! Organized by price, with steals under $50, under $200, and some seriously delicious splurges.

Leather can be worn year-round, in my opinion. It also goes with just about anything-throw it on top of a tank with a maxi skirt or a pair of skinny jeans, and it instantly elevates your outfit to the next level. 

Faves under $50

All of these gorgeous beauties are fifty bucks or under! 

Steals under $200

Beautiful leather jackets for under $200

Splurges over $200

Yummy splurges. That Balmain jacket is pretty much incredible,

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  • Reply September 12, 2015


    I know exactly what you mean! I LOVE fall bauecse I can start piling on all sorts of crazy combinations of clothing and right now my closet is desperately begging for a cute jacket a leather one, to be precise! Haven’t found one yet, either, though! -giedre

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