Oh Hello

Sooooo-our internet service went down for the entire (massive) complex where we live, which means that I have not had internet access since, wait for it, Friday.  I’ve been typing up my posts at night and then hurriedly posting them in the am once I have service, but I spent the majority of this morning at a neuro consult so I haven’t had a chance to post what I had planned for today (delicious banana chocolate almond milk popsicles!!) .  Those will be coming up soon.  This is basically a “Hello, I have not forgotten about you, I will be back tomorrow” sort of post, because my OCD anal retentiveness won’t allow me to just NOT POST ANYTHING. So I leave you with this quote below, from C.S. Lewis.  A simple quote is like a great pair of denim…classic, straight to the point, and always in style.