Little C and The Strawberry

It’s due time for another Little C update, and I couldn’t wait to share these precious pics of the babe devouring a strawberry which she picked herself when we were back home visiting my family up north. My mom has this amazing garden (picks to come) and she grows all sorts of fruits, veggies, and flowers. Little C had so much fun getting to pick (and eat various foods) while totally naked and was delighted that she was allowed to pee outside (TMI?). Oh to be two again.

  • The babe is currently obsessed with chocolate almond milk. She drinks it in a Minny Mouse cup.
  • She is also a huge fan of the Laughing Cow cheeses, which she aptly calls “the funny cow” cheese.
  • Her favorite show at the moment is Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and we have watched every single episode at least 5 times. I know all the songs by heart, as does she. At night, Jake and the Neverland Pirates haunt my dreams. Things are getting desperate.
  • We recently took a trip to the Disney Store to let the babe pick out a present for being such a sweet girl when we were traveling up north. Somehow we walked out with all four of the Neverland Pirate characters, Jake, Izzy, Cubby, and Skully. Little C calls them her “mateys”. She also picked out a Neverland Pirates water bottle, a Minny Mouse fork and spoon, and a Frozen plate and bowl depicting Elsa and Ana respectively. Our house has turned into a Disneyland disaster.
  • Her most recent phrase is “holy cow” which is super cute, and “are you kidding me, mom?” which is even more hilarious.
  • We have been spending a lot of time at the beach, and she has been delighted at the fact that she can pee in the sand…what is it with kids at this age and getting to pee on things?
  • The babe loves all animals, reptiles, birds. She wants to pet every puppy she sees and to feed all of the seagulls at the beach. We generally have a flock of about twenty squawking birds surrounding us at the beach since she likes to throw them pieces of her sandwiches.
  • She is really enjoying her pet bearded dragon, Shark. Her favorite thing is to feed Shark herself, which means holding worms and crickets for him to eat….she is totally fearless about both but still finds flying bugs to be terrifying. She amazes me though with the worms and crickets, she has no fear and is not in the least bit squeamish about handling them.
  • She is learning to write in preschool, and is working on the sounds that letters make. I swear they start them so early these days….when I was 2.5 I’m pretty sure that I was making mudpies and playing tag.
  • Babe currently has this obsession with twirling my hair (and hers) into knots, we have been tirelessly working with her on not doing this but half the time I’m either cutting snares out of my hair or hers. Lately when I tell her not to make knots she tells me “but it’s ok, mommy, I have sciiiiiiiissors so that I can cut the knots out” and then hold up two fingers that to her look like scissors. If anyone has any insight on how to stop the hair twirling and knot-making, it would be super appreciated.
  • Little C is finally developing a more decent appetite which is awesome. She is currently head over heels for strawberries. She will eat an entire container in one day.
  • She is really the sweetest little girl. at my grandpa’s funeral she kept taking tissues to wipe away my tears and would constantly give me kisses. Such a sweetie. Sometimes she grabs my face and squishes it between her hands and tells me she loves me. The best feeling in the whole wide world.