Lipstick Teeth














I really need to learn about how to put on lipstick correctly. I’m not sure how all of you ladies learned to paint those perfect lips but every time that I try I swear it gets EVERYWHERE. On my teeth, my chin, seriously it’s quite possible for lipstick to end up in my eyebrows. I’ve never been a lipstick person (obviously) but have always wanted to be – I love those deep burgundies and bright reds, creamy pinks. Even with using lip liner before the lipstick it still ends up a mess. I bought my first lipstick about a year ago at the ripe age of 27. Yes. I had never bought lipstick until my late 20’s…so there’s that. However, from time to time I attempt to wear some lipstick and so you have my best attempt (after many tries and fails). And yes, another black and white outfit (shocker, I know). But by adding some red lips and a pop of leopard with this fabulous belt (only $16 at Target), you take an outfit from simple to stunning. Leopard is totally one hundred percent a neutral, and everyone needs some leopard in their closet. Oh and total side note, but how cute was that puppy that I meant while shooting? I am obsessed with all animals (if you follow my instagram then you know we have two cats and a lizard) but I grew up with chickens, dogs, bunnies, ducks…I miss having more animals around! Happy Wednesday <3

BLOUSE: Splendid, similar steal here (on sale!)

JACKET: Trouve x Nordstrom (sold out), identical steal here, splurge here (on sale and STUNNING)

JEANS: rag & bone (on sale and last seen here), steal here

HEELS: Rosegold (old), similar steal here, dying over these splurges

BELT: Target (only $16!!), splurge here (25% off!)

NECKLACE: Old Navy (old), similar steal here, splurge here