I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas….













Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! We flew out to Utah yesterday and are spending the week here for Christmas with my inlaws.  Flying into the airport was like a dream: thick white flakes streaking past the plane windows, the ground below us covered in snow.  We stepped off the plane into the most pristine, glistening white winter wonderland.  Growing up in California, snow is still such a novelty to me, and I LOVE it.  There is something about the snow that feels so festive, so “Christmas-ish”.  Christmas is still somewhat of a novelty to me as well, I was raised in a Jewish household and did not start celebrating Christmas until I met Big C.  I love the smell of Christmas trees, the fresh biting scent of pine needles and the sparkling bejeweled ornaments.  The lights, the music, everything about Christmas is just so fun.  Having a literal ‘White Christmas’ is pretty much a thing of dreams for me, so needless to say seeing all that snow coming down was fantastic.  We usually fly into SLC, but this year we did a direct flight straight into Provo. Having never been to that particular airport, we didn’t realize that we would be outside waiting for our baggage-so we were not exactly dressed for the weather, but Little C couldn’t have cared less. She loves the snow as much as mommy and was squirming trying to get down and go play in the powder.  I caught some fantastic shots of the rather elusive Big C goofing around as the snow came down. Forgive me for the multiple shots of snowflakes in Little C’s hair-I was obsessed with the perfection of the flakes as they sat on her pretty little head. The moment our bags came out though we RAN to the car to go warm up. Tomorrow I’m totally going to bundle up a la that kid from ‘A Christmas Story’ before I step out the door! Happy *almost* Christmas!


  • Reply January 3, 2014

    Sarah @ Pretty Providence

    I totally noticed that you took pics at the University mall for one of your posts and I was scrolling down to see if you were from Utah or what! I lived in Orem for 5 years & before that grew closer to SLC. I hate the snow and am so glad to live in TX now, where it doesn’t snow almost ever. I hope you had a great time there!

    • Reply January 3, 2014


      No way! My husband is from Provo (I’m from Cali born and raised) but we were just up there for Christmas! So funny that you hate the snow-I love it but I’m sure that’s because I’ve never had to live in it! Where are you in TX?

      • Reply January 7, 2014

        Sarah @ Pretty Providence

        Houston. It’s warm here most of the time, maybe too hot/humid in the summer but I’ll take it over the cold winters of Utah!

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