Getting to Know Blue Apron (and free meals for you, too!)

Two posts in one day – OMG. So busy – between working full time and then blogging and Instagram-ing at night AND trying to be a good mom and wife, there is literally NO time in my life. I kid you not every single waking moment is filled. This also means that grocery shopping, figuring out meals etc. is exhausting, so I was SUPER excited when Blue Apron offered us the chance to try out their meals, for free – and you guys get them too!!

Blue Apron is great for everyone – busy parents, new moms, people with loved ones in the hospital who don’t have time to go out and shop. All of you millennials who love having every single thing delivered to your doorstep will adore it. It makes a great holiday gift, too! It really makes life easier, it’s affordable, and it’s delicious. The produce is seasonal, the seafood is always from sustainable fishing, meat raised without antibiotics etc. They work hard to have farm-sourced produce and you can even meet some of the farmers that work with them. Featured in The Washington Post, The Wallstreet Journal, TechCrunch and Good Morning America, Blue Apron is the real deal, and now you guys can get three meals totally free.

Our Blue Apron box consisted of Seared Barramundi with collard greens, fregola sarda, and shallot agrodolce, seared steak with garlic mashed potatoes and sauteed broccoli, and marsala-spiced chicken with kale and lime rice (pictured below). Sounds amazing right?! It was. Everything arrives in a super insulated box, full of fresh produce, meats, and all of the spices you need to make your fantastic dishes. I love that it’s all measured out and perfect for the number of people – no more going to the store to buy some obscure spice that you’ll never use again – Blue Apron gives you just the right amount! Are you a vegetarian? No problem 🙂 Blue Apron has an entire vegetarian meal selection too! Or say that you don’t eat pork, chicken, etc. you simply pick which exceptions you want (and any foods you are allergic to) and Blue Apron makes sure to send you the appropriate meals. Check out their site here to see what’s on the menu this week.

In addition to skipping out on the grocery store (thank goodness), I learned how to make some really cool dishes I never would have made otherwise, Blue Apron definitely expanded my cooking knowledge and my palate. Each meal also comes with gorgeous step-by-step re-usable menus so that you can make the meals again in the future if you love them. I am definitely sold – and grateful.

So, if you like free food (and who doesn’t?) then click here and check out Blue Apron. You won’t be disappointed. PS – it will look like the cost is $30 until you checkout, but I promise it’s free, just enter your details and bam! FOOD.

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