Frozen and Letting it Go

















Recently we took the babe to see Frozen, her first movie in a theater! Some of the previews scared her and a few parts of the movie as well, but overall she had a pretty great time-and since Big C and I were secretly wanting to see the film as well, it was a success all around. Little C even got to pick out a treat and ate  a few peanut m&m’s, hence her fabulously orange-colored face and hands.  She also took her Frozen dolls Elsa and Anna along with her for the outing, and enjoyed spinning them and singing with them after the show was over; she even got Big C to join in on the fun.

I loved that Frozen was about sisterly love, and not the usual ‘prince saves the day’ sort of stuff.  It’s a great message, that true love’s life-saving kiss doesn’t have to come from a man, that the love of family is incredibly powerful.  In fact the movie was full of messages; Elsa is told to cover up who she is, to not let her true self show, and we see how devastating it is to her.  Once she is able to be herself, to be free and “let it go”, she finally gets to be who she really is.

Sometimes it’s hard to escape the chains that keep us from being US, from truly being ourselves.  Addiction, depression, anxiety….both mental and physical maladies have the ability to keep us imprisoned. My hope for this year and for the years to come is that we all are able to move further away from the things that chain us down.  That we are all able to let it go just a little more.  There is something so freeing in just being organically us, without pretenses or facades.  I can get so hung up on the details and the minutiae that I completely miss life, so spun in my own mind that I get lost.  I want to let those things go and just focus on being.  I want to live more in the now and less in the future, more in the moment and less in the what ifs.  I want to find more ways to simply be.  It may seem trite or silly that a children’s movie inspired this train of thought, but I think it’s really very important.  We get only one life to live, and I don’t want to miss out on living mine.