Austin Has No Sushi (and Last Day of the Planet Blue Sale!)

Ahhhh Monday. This weekend was BUSY. Like crazy busy. Saturday was spent cleaning the house, and then Chase and I went to downtown Austin to shoot a bunch of looks. Our poor babysitter got lost on the way though so we were fighting to finish before the light ran out. The sun sets so early right now that it’s tough, you have to head out around 3:30pm or so to get enough light and time to shoot. After pics we went out on a date, our second I think since we moved. We have been so busy and he has been traveling so much that we just haven’t been able to fit in dates, which honestly sucks. It’s so important to nurture your relationship and sometimes between work and parenting and blogging and just LIFE we become roommates more than partners. I’m sure that my other mamas feel me on this.

So we went out looking for a sushi spot; one of the things that I have REALLY been missing since moving is sushi. I mean, back home we had so many good spots, Nobu, Starfish, even the not-so-fab¬†little sushi spot near our old apartment wasn’t half bad….here nada. Apparently Uchi is good but their wait was like an hour and a half so we headed to another place that had good reviews. You guys, we were SO SAD. The place ended up being more of a asian fusion spot and their rolls, while imaginative, were so not our style (never trusting reviews again). We usually kill a ton of rolls together but we didn’t even finish the ones we ordered, just kept glancing at each other with these mournful looks. They were served with these strange sauces, weird krab toppings, strange spices. Everything was dowsed in this wasabi cream sauce (we both strongly dislike wasabi). We figured dessert might be good (again, reviews mentioned the dessert menu) but man it was just AWFUL. I’m usually easy to please, I’m not picky, honestly. But this was just plain bad. All the way around. The service, the food, the whole thing. If anyone has a good sushi rec for Austin PLEASE let me know, I’m dying here. Really looking forward to our trips to SF next week and LA the week after, planning to get down on as much as sushi as possible before returning to the barbecue capitol of the freaking world. Austin is awesome but I miss the food back home.

Anyways onto happier things – the Planet Blue sale is on it’s last day and everything is now 50 to 75% off, and there is still so much goodness left! This Blue Life halter dress is $70, this STUNNING Hayley top is $60, and this Kendall + Kylie pencil skirt is $79. You can shop more of my favorites at the end of the post ūüėČ

I am in love with this dress, by the way. The bell sleeves, the lace-up details, the subtle snakeskin print. It’s super pretty, very boho and easy to style. I paired it with a fur vest to keep with the boho feel and some fold-over gray suede boots. The height of the boot works perfectly with the dress, both booties and over-the-knee boots felt like the wrong height for the length and structure of the dress. Always consider dimensions when putting a look together. Look at heights, lengths, colors, textures. I kept the look pretty neutral color-wise (shocker) but kept things interesting with the fur and suede textures, and the printed metal of this rad clutch from From St. Xavier. How cool is the metal? Such a unique piece, super different from most of the clutches out there. Especially love the marble piece on it and the tassel, and it’s lined ¬†in velvet. Super luxurious and surprisingly not expensive. It’s shaping up to be a busy week on the blog so make sure that you check back in each day, lots of goodies for you guys (and some more discount codes, too). MUAH!

DRESS: c/o Planet Blue  ::  BOOTS: Report (super old), similar style splurge here  ::  VEST: June  ::  CLUTCH: c/o From St. Xavier  ::  HAIR EXTENSIONS: c/o Luxy Hair
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