MommyGloss and Denim

Ladies-I have SUCH a treat for you!  Anne from MommyGloss is writing today about denim, and why splurging will save you in the long run.  Anne is the business-a mother to two adorable boys, makeup and lip gloss queen, and has been known to get pretty darn funky in a hip hop class (we danced together back in the day).  So give her some love, and enjoy!!! Also, make sure you guys head over to Pretty Providence today to check out my latest Frugal Fashion post with lots of spring inspired fun 🙂

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be here today and sharing with you guys.  So here is the deal on cheap denim:

Please, just don’t. Don’t buy five bad pairs before you realize that one good pair would cost much less in the long run. I seriously wonder why there is even a cheap denim market. You have to have good quality cotton to begin with in order to hold a shape. Second, it’s got to be the right cut to begin with. Wonder why your $40 jeans seem short in the crotch or too tight through the thigh? It’s because no one paid a decent designer to create a decent design. Third, you have to have good quality construction, otherwise the seams won’t hold. Enter crotch splitting on the dance floor. Personally, in 2001 after a particularly bad episode at a particularly popular bar my relationship with cheap denim ended. For good.

So how do you go about finding the right fit for you? I refuse to list the best pair for a curvy girl or what flatters a petite frame. The reason why? There are amazing sales associates out there who know how to fit you in denim. Why would you do all of the research when someone gets paid to do that for you? You can have your own denim stylist, take advantage.

Before you shop, commit to spending $200. You may not have to, but get yourself mentally prepared to part with that much money. If you wear them three to four times a week it’s totally worth it. If they make you actually feel good about yourself it’s really, really worth it. We don’t treat ourselves enough. Just do it.

Go to a department or specialty retail store that carries multiple brands of premium denim. Choose a Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Saks or smaller boutique in your area. Find an approachable looking sales associate, I love an associate who isn’t the skinniest girl in the room. I have found those girls have had to work harder to find something that fits well. Tell her that you’d like to purchase a pair of great jeans for multiple uses. When she knows you’re going to buy something, the relationship is more productive.

Ask her to pull you some jeans to try on based on the following: 1. Your body type. 2. The most popular styles (they sell well for a reason). 3. How you want to wear them, to go out at night, for daytime or both. I suggest option three, a good pair of jeans should work for a lunch date and cocktails. Don’t be afraid to ask for both in one pair. A good associate can show you how to cuff them to work back to a flat or wear them long with a stiletto.

Next, head to the fitting room. You know your body best. There’s no need to get an opinion on every pair. Choose your favorite three to five and ask for the sales associate’s opinion on them. Trust your instincts and trust her, she’s seen a lot of ladies in a lot of denim. Here’s where I say taking a friend isn’t necessarily the best idea. They know you too well, which means they have preconceived notions of what you would or wouldn’t wear. The point is to trust a professional. I had a group of girlfriends rally against skinny jeans. I went alone, bought myself a pair and got nothing but compliments for years. Because yes, a good pair of jeans should last you years.

Lastly always remember, if you are not getting great service, get out. Immediately. You are about to part with some very hard earned money and you deserve the best treatment. It does not matter if you spend $200 or $2,000 a good sales associate is happy to make you happy. So if it isn’t working, walk out and find another store.

Once you’ve found a great pair the relationship begins. I can tell you what jeans I was wearing on my first date with my husband. Yes, they are now cut offs that I wear to the park with my son. The point is, good denim should last through a few good stories. Pay a little more up front to get a lot more in the long run. Trust me on this, the peeps catching your rear view will thank me.