Little Black Everything…Almost

I love black…I always have. If my entire life could be monochrome, shades of blacks and grays and dashes of white, I would be so stoked. If you’ve never checked out my Pinterest and are a lover of monochrome, peep it. Most of my home decor inspo is based on simplicity and monochromatic choices. So it’s no shock then that the majority of my wardrobe tends to be black. I also find that as a mom, the added bonus is that sometimes the dirty fingerprints and remnants of whatever was on the babe’s hands don’t show up on my clothes (as much).

So as you can imagine I was supremely stoked on this rad tank swing dress from It literally fits all of my needs: stretchy soft jersey knit, perfect length, great construction and shape. It’s the sort of dress that takes literally NO planning – the kind that you can throw on and run out the door in, under five minutes. I foresee this dress showing up a lot in my future outfits.

DRESS: c/o Tobi :: FLANNEL: Rails (steal here) :: FEDORA: H&M – on MAJOR sale, digging this summer-colored beauty :: BOOTIES: Report, obsessed with these updated beauties :: NECKLACE: so old I don’t even know who it’s by, but this wooden beaded one is awesome! PS – with summer coming up, make sure you check out the dresses, crop tops, and maxi dresses from Tobi; you can stock up at 50% off your first order and be set for the season!!

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