HiSmile: White Teeth Without the Pain

Raise your hand if your teeth get SUPER sensitive when you whiten them. Yeah, you guys too? I love white teeth, but I absolutely hate that awful achey feeling and sensitivity that whitening gels cause. Even the ones from the dentist I can’t do, after one or two applications I give up….until now. Meet HiSmile.


HiSmile is your new best friend if you have sensitive teeth. Their whitening gel has been formulated to gently whiten both inner and outer teeth stains without damaging enamel, which mean no pain! Sodium Bicarbonate keeps the gel at a high PH level which is what ensures no erosion or enamel damage occurs (and damage is what causes the pain). Even better, it only takes ten minutes to work!img_0055HiSmile uses an LED light which causes the gel to break down the bleaching radicals quicker (in layman’s terms, it bleaches the teeth faster) – which is what allows you to get great results with only ten minutes. My old whitening trays from the dentist had to be worn at least 30 minutes or more for each application, which was super annoying – no one likes having gel and multiple trays in their mouth for longer than necessary. Plus being a busy mom, my time is precious so I really love that I don’t have to do more than ten minutes to get whiter teeth. Busy ladies, I know ya feel me on this.
img_0056But wait, it gets even better. HiSmile can get your teeth eight shades whiter in only SIX applications. Um hi, that’s crazy cakes. And their gel formula coats your teeth to prevent the recurrence of stains forming again. Since HiSmile just came in the mail I’ll be testing it out and will follow up in a few weeks to give you guys a full review – but so far I’m stoked!img_0046