A Bug in the Snow














Ok so maybe I’m slightly obsessed with our little babe, who we refer to as “the Bug”.  I realize there are a crap ton of pics of her but it’s so hard to choose just a couple! Little C looooves the snow when we go up to Utah-she thinks it’s just so much fun to run and play in.   She refuses to wear her gloves for more than 2.5 seconds though, so the majority of the snow play involves a lot of “Mommy! Hands so cold!” .  We also put her to work on shoveling the driveway-you can never start them too early right?  Remember the kitty from yesterday’s post? Well it liked little C and I so much that it decided to hang out with us every time that we went outside. Seriously, the minute that we stepped out the door the cat would be there waiting, so I got a couple cute shots of the kitty palling around with the Bug. Little C loves kitties just like mommy, so she spent a lot of time yelling “KITTY! COME HERE! KITTTTYYYY!” which I found adorable but probably was not so fabulous for the neighbors (oops).  I wish that we were back in the snow right now-these balmy 7o plus degree temps are making me miss having seasons. Don’t get me wrong, it’s convenient to be able to throw on a t-shirt and a pair of sandals on the way out the door but it really doesn’t feel like January should, if that makes sense. I miss rain and just weather in general.  Hopefully it will rain this week-I’m planning on performing a rain dance tomorrow night to encourage the rain gods to let it pour 😉

A few updates on little C:

  • We are still working on potty training. We have all been sick (AGAIN) so it’s really pretty hit or miss (not literally, thank goodness). I am honestly in no rush though.  She decides if she is going to tell us that she needs to use the bathroom, and when she does tell us she goes, so I think that’s totally good enough.
  • Her vocabulary is always expanding and she comes up with the funniest stuff. At night she will randomly tell me “Mommy, I like your hair” or “Mommy, I like your nails”. I don’t know where she picks this stuff up from but it’s pretty cute….I need to teach her to say “Mommy, you’re really smart” 😉 When our cat Dexter licks her head she tells me, “Mommy, Dexter eating my head! He eating my head!!!”
  • She currently has two favorite blankets, one of which is a towel. Yes, a towel.  Both are pink. She is such a girl-and totally not because of me, I am not very girly and always dress her in leggings and sneakers but she is drawn to dresses and pink and high heels.
  • She requests that we turn on music each night so she can dress up in her princess clothes and dance. She recently added an old pair of her brown leather and faux fur boots to the ensemble, and likes to spin in circles in them because the soles are slippery.
  • Tonight we spent some of the evening watching the classic Michael Jackson videos with her so that she could perfect her baby dance moves. She is currently working on the moon walk.
  • She is currently afraid of shadows and is SURE that there is a lion in the shower. So yeah, we’re dealing with that. Shadows are sort of hard to avoid, luckily lions in the shower are a less common occurrence.
  • I love her more every day than I did the last. I don’t know how it’s possible to love someone so much, and I worry that my heart might outgrow my body. Cheesy, but totally true.

Thanks for reading loves!