Workout of the Day: Hello Tuesday 

How are you feeling after yesterday’s workout? Hopefully the answer is sore! Today will focus more on upper body but, as with all of the workouts for this month, core control and abs are being worked as well. I have included links to tutorials on how to do the different exercises, as well as a few modification options if something like a Turkish Get-Up feels too daunting (not sure what that is? Click here to learn more about why Turkish Get Ups are so great for you).  

Once you have completed your weights, pick one of the three cardio options listed below and GO FOR IT. Give those 20 minutes your all, and you will walk away feeling accomplished, full of endorphins, and ready to conquer the rest of the day.



CARDIO (choose one)

  • 20 mins jumprope
  • 20 mins running 
  • 20 mins elliptical

Enjoy and feel free to comment with any questions! MUAH! <3