Workout Of The Day: Booty Wednesday

Today’s workout is all about the booty.  I for one am always looking for workouts that will destroy my glutes, and this one does just that! Enjoy!

Day 3


  • Goblet Squat to Box (4×6) ::hint-go slow on the way down and then pop up quickly::
  • Walking Lunges (4×6) ::hint-knee should always be at a right angle in the lunge, never past your foot::
  • Ball Hamstring Curls (2×20/side) ::hint-keep glutes engaged the entire time, pull belly button towards spine::

*If you are just starting out, I would suggest doing both the squats and lunges without weights to ensure that you get proper form. 

CARDIO (choose one)

  • 100 KB swings
  • 20 mins intervals (1 minute fast paced walk on incline, 30 seconds run)
  • 20 mins spinning

Thanks for reading! Muah! <3