Wishes and Gelato

Two weeks ago after our trip to Malibu for Big C’s softball game, we headed to downtown Culver City to eat at our favorite spot (Cafe Vida), and then walked around the outside of City Hall admiring the beautiful fountains. Little C enjoyed watching leaves and bugs float past, tossing in coins and then rolling up her pant legs in hopeful attempts to get back her pennies. She recently learned about the art of throwing coins into fountains while making wishes, and now she is always on the hunt for pennies to wish upon. It’s pretty cute to see her squeeze her little eyes tightly shut and then launch a coin into the air, wishing for a Superman doll perhaps, or a puppy. I wish I could crawl inside her head and see what she dreams about, what constitutes her wishes; I wish that I could experience the simplicity that is the life of a two and a half year old. Instead I watch her and hope and pray that her wishes will always be uncomplicated, that she will always take great joy in the simple the act of throwing coins into water and watching the ripples.

Unfortunately for Little C we weren’t so open to the idea of her hopping into the water for a retrieval mission so we had to keep finding pennies for her to throw. She spent a good deal of time barefoot, laying on her stomach gazing into the water and counting each bug as it drifted past (she is really into bugs right now – fitting given her nickname). After the fountain exploration we headed down to Ugo Cafe for dessert. Ugo has some pretty amazing gelato, and Little C had been promised a treat for good behavior so needless to say both Big C and the Little C were quite excited. The babe got her usual chocolate and Big C got some crazy delicious coffee Nutella gelato; luckily they were both willing to give me a few samples here and there. By the time that the gelato had been finished Little C was proudly rocking a splendid chocolate mustache complete with chocolate on her nose and in her hair. I am often grateful that I started this blog simply because it has allowed me to capture moments that I wouldn’t be memorializing if I didn’t have it. Before the blog I always wanted to take photos of the babe and our life but was constantly forgetting the camera or convincing myself that I would take pics “next time”. Now I have an amazing chronological keepsake with images and memories and mementos; stories that I can look back on with Little C when she is older. I am grateful I have her frozen in time, wishing on pennies, sipping on melted gelato. This is my life, my life as Maya, my life as mommy, my life becoming me.