Winter Whites and Green Monday Sales















DENIM: J Brand, also here on sale in a few sizes, steal style here  ::  TOP: Forever 21  ::  COAT: Forever 21  ::  HEELS: Dolce Vita , also on sale here in some sizes at 30% off!!)

Continuing with our all-out assault on holiday styles and party looks, I had to share this winter white combo with you guys. A little unexpected but so completely luxe, an all white look is a deviation from the normal holiday colors (think black, red green, gold, etc) and sets you apart from the crowd (in a good way). In fact, Net-a-Porter’s issue today of TheEdit features Rose Byrne wearing a gorgeous all-white look and implores it’s readers to try out white looks if they want to stand out for the holiday party season. So clearly, whomever it was that came up with the ‘no white after labor day’ rule was clearly a hater….a hater with no real sense of style. Style is what you make of it – there are no rules 😉 I love wearing white during the winter – and I firmly believe that when styling a white look not all of your hues have to be the same. In fact, I find it more interesting to add some off-white, cream, and nude or blush into a look where white is the central focus.

I also love this look because it transitions seamlessly from day to night. Wear a longer mock turtleneck during the day for work, and then break out the cropped one for after-work dinner or date night. So simple. With a look like this you also want to keep your accessorizing simple – maybe some delicate bracelets or a simple dainty gold chain, but other than that let the white shine on it’s own, no need to bedazzle something that is already so pretty! Also, mommies beware – I do not suggest wearing this look when you’re going to be playing with your babes for obvious reasons, although I do love that I can bleach these jeans to my heart’s content. Trust me when I say that I have kept Clorox in business since becoming a white-wearing mommy. Hope that you all had a wonderful weekend!!

PS – did you know that today is Green Monday? I had never heard the terms before, but apparently like Black Friday and Cyber Monday it is a huge sales day! So with that in mind I also have some of my fav stores with their sales and promo codes listed below, because Christmas is fast approaching and it’s time to get those presents under the tree!