Why I Want to Marry Coconut Oil


Can we talk for a second about the amazingness that is coconut oil? It’s really just incredible in terms of it’s versatility and uses, from a beauty booster to a baking badass.  It has to be one of my favorite all around products, and I keep a jar in the kitchen for cooking and one in the bathroom for beatification.  Clearly, per my title, I would pretty much marry coconut oil if it were possible.  Coconut oil is waaaay cheaper than the fancy lotions, moisturizers, and age-fighting serum out there, it’s all-natural (i.e. no chemicals yay!), and is available at just about any grocery store.  Just remember, ALWAYS go for the virgin unrefined coconut oil, the refined stuff has additives and crap that you don’t want or need.  Read on for a number of my favorite ways to use coconut oil.

Get Heated

Coconut oil is fabulous for cooking, and a great replacement for olive oil thanks to it’s high smoking point.  Not sure what I’m talking about? All oils have a smoke point (when the oil starts to smoke), and when this happens, the oils break down and the molecular structure changes.  The once super healthy antioxidants are replaced by free radicals which are carcinogenic (i.e. cancer causing).  Even the smoke coming off of the oil is toxic. Olive oil happens to be on the lower end of the smoke point spectrum, and is best for low to medium heat.  Coconut oil on the other hand can be used for much higher temperatures.

Bake Baby Bake

Coconut oil is such a great substitute for butter and other oils when it comes to baking-especially if you are vegan.  These awesome gluten-free zucchini muffins use coconut oil, TRY them!  A question I get a lot is whether coconut oil has a strong flavor or will flavor the food you are using it with, and I do not find it to be overpowering at all.  In fact, most of the time you can not tell that coconut oil has been used at all, and when you can taste it, it is incredibly mild.

Try Oil Pulling

Not sure what I’m talking about? Don’t worry-I’ll be doing a post all about oil pulling with coconut oil and what benefits I’ve reaped from trying it out.

Drink Up

Some people swear by consuming a tablespoon of coconut oil a day for weight-loss. While there is not much scientific evidence to prove that coconut oil consumption is directly related to weight loss, there are a lot of believers out there. Try it out and let me know if you see results!

Hydrate Your Hair

I loooooove using coconut oil on my hair, it gives it shine and makes it feel super soft.  I generally heat the coconut oil first (just so that it’s warm, no one wants scalding hot oil on their head), and then coat my hair in it.  You can either wrap your head and sleep with the coconut oil on your hair overnight for some deep conditioning, or keep it on for a few hours.  When I’m rushed for time, I leave it on for just ten minutes or so before washing it out and I still notice a big difference! Bonus-coconut oil is waaaay cheaper than the conditioning treatments out there that can run at $40 or more.

Moisturize Your Face

One of my favorite uses for coconut oil is treating it as a moisturizer for my face.  I have super dry skin and have tried so many different moisturizers but none work as well as coconut oil.  I wash my face, use a toner, and then slather on the coconut oil before finishing with a moisturizer on top; the oil helps to lock in moisture and doesn’t clog my pores.  Fighting fine lines and under eye circles?  Try some coconut oil, it’s crazy handy for combating wrinkles and bags.

Slather Your Skin

Coconut oil is not just for your face though-it’s fantastic for chapped, dry skin and is especially helpful for trouble spots like heels, knees, and elbows.  I also like to put it on before I get in the shower and allow the steam to open up my pores.  My skin always feels smooth and soft afterwards.  It also works wonders on eczema (we always use it when Little C’s flares up).

Pucker Up

Coconut oil is glorious for dry lips.  Keep some in a vial in your purse to rub on your lips whenever the mood (or the need) strikes!

Scrub A Dub

Try creating a simple coconut oil scrub!  Mix sugar with coconut oil until it forms a paste (about a 2:1 ratio of sugar to coconut oil) and then scrub your dry areas in the shower (and try to refrain from eating it). Amaaaazing.


What are some of your favorite uses for coconut oil? I love to hear from you guys!