Weekend Come Early: PEACE OUT

Remember that post I wrote a while back about burning out and crashing? Well, I’m tapping out early this week to avoid just that. Little C has been sick since Wednesday with a super high fever which as of tonight has not yet broke. I took her to the doctor on Monday and we took her back again Wednesday on the doctor’s request to ensure that we were not missing something. Turns out she has something called Adenovirus, a strain of viruses that cause respiratory infections, gastrointestinal problems, really high fevers, and urinary and eye inflammation. Super fun, right? Yeah, not so much. Along with fevers staying around 103 even with Advil, Little C has had an upset tummy for days which prompted her first poop accident (on our couch no less), and a very red throat which they swabbed for strep making her all the more upset. Last night she was up from 11:30pm to 12:30am and then awoke again at 2:15 burning up. She ended up staying awake until about 5:15am so last night was rough to say the least. I woke up today with a fever and feeling pretty nauseous so I’m hoping I fight it off quickly. I haven’t worked a single normal day this week, Big C and I have been switching off watching Little C since we don’t have anyone to watch her so I’ve been working half days at the office and half days from home. Little C has been so miserable and cries and whines most of the day, poor thing. It’s just been really hectic and crappy. I don’t mean to complain either or do a poor me post, this is just the reality of what has been happening this week. So, with all of this said, I am tapping out early for the weekend, giving in and giving up; this is the closest thing you’re going to get to a post today, because I’m just done with this week. I’m sure next week will be much better once Little C is healthy again and things return to normal and my schedule returns to it’s awesome predictability. And on that note, enjoy the weekend, take it easy, and relax. Lots of love my sweets.