Viviscal: The Answer to Hair Loss

There are a lot of things that no one tells you about that happen after you have a baby. Well, scratch that, there are a ton of things that no one tells you happens during AND after pregnancy, but today I want to focus on one particular issue: hair loss. Hormones, nutrition changes, stress, medications, genetics, they can all play a role in how much hair you have, how thick or thin it is, and how much of it you lose. Sadly for me, I don’t have the killer hair genes that Big C does. He has the thickest, most amazing hair ever. Seriously his hair line is like the Great Wall of China, it never wavers. He has these gorgeous thick curls that I would kill for. ANYWAYS. After I had Little C my hair started falling out in clumps (which by the way is apparently totally normal). You don’t lose much hair while pregnant and then after the babe all that awesome hair just falls out….so sad. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m still nursing or it’s just bad luck and genetics but my hair is sooooo thin. It’s pretty long but my ponytail is so skinny, I swear I have like 20 strands of hair and that’s it. While seeing my awesome colorist and complaining about my total lack of luscious hair, she mentioned something called Viviscal. I’ve heard of Biotin and other various hair growth products and vitamins and I’ve tried a bunch with no success, so you can imagine that when she mentioned yet another product my first reaction was “yeahhhh ok”. But then she started telling me about all of the clients she has who use it and the amazing results they have had, and upon doing some research and finding that everyone across the board seemed to have the same experience, I was pretty excited to get some Viviscal of my own. Per the OB/GYN it’s safe to take, and all of the ingredients listed are recognizable. It has 100mg of biotin and 475mg of AminoMar (look it up). One word of advice, make sure that you get the Viviscal Professional (gray box), not the pink one which is just the regular; apparently the Viviscal Professional is the one that really works. I have heard that it increases hair growth all over (not just on your head), so the great news is longer, thicker eyelashes, the bad news is you might have to shave a little more often. But for me, I will totally shave every day if I can have more hair on my head. SO! I’m going to start taking it and let you guys know how it goes – I got a great deal on it through Amazon for cheaper than it was on the site and in stores. If any of you have taken it before and have any insight, let me know! Excited to share my results with all of you. Happy Friday!