Trufora – Environmentally Friendly Skincare that WORKS

Growing up, my parents were always really conscious about the impact we had on the earth, the environment, and being as organic as possible. We grew most of our own food, had our own chickens – my parents ensured that as much as possible the food we were putting in our bodies was toxin-free and ethically sourced. Thanks to that mentality, as an “adult” I still care about those things as well, and not just about what I put IN my body but what I put ON it. A lot of products are marketed as being organic or natural when in fact, sadly they aren’t. I’ve found it reallllly difficult to find products that are natural and still effective, without terrorizing my uber sensitive skin. And then I got to try Trufora, and I fell in LOVE.

One thing that really impressed me was the fact that Trufora is so incredibly cautious with their ingredients, which are free from more than 1,300 known toxins. Crazy, right? I think that when it comes to skincare, we don’t often think about what toxins or carcinogenic ingredients might be used to create the product. Thanks to Trufora’s stringent vetting of ingredients, their products are much less likely to cause irritation or allergic reactions. Did you know that lots of ‘organic’ products actually have toxic ingredients like phthalates that can really piss off your skin? Their products are all 100% fragrance-free too, which is key for me; anything with fragrance has the potential to give me rashes.

Beyond being concerned for your face, Trufora is also concerned about the earth and environment. All of their tubes and packages are 100% recyclable – a huge win in my book! The boxes are made from post-consumer recycled materials and are printed with soy-based ink; they also support green farming methods! Trufora is both vegan and cruelty-free – their products are never tested on animals and there are no animal-derived ingredients. They may have a fingerprint on their boxes, but they’re definitely making sure not to leave footprints on the earth.

Here’s the deal: Trufora is dermatologist developed and tested, and clinically proven. With their non-toxic ingredients, their products are safe for all skin types (YAY!) and ethnicities. The creators, Sara Sweeney and Fran Cook-Bolden, MD both have killer backgrounds in skincare and came together to create what is a truly genius skincare line. I love that they are so dedicated to ensuring that their products are TRULY toxin-free – go girls!

My experience with the Trufora products was AWESOME. I used their Ultimate Facial Cleanser, Triple Action Exfoliator, and Intensive Night Treatment. To be completely honest, anytime I test a new facial product I’m basically terrified. I’ve broken out in hives, rashes, been burned (YES, one product literally burned my skin) – so needless to say I’m always hedging my bets when it comes to facial products. But I was so pleasantly (and happily) surprised to find that when I woke up the next morning, there was not a problem to be seen! Besides being sensitive, my skin is also super dry and normally I need to use a really moisturizing oil to keep it from drying out – but the Triple Action Exfoliator made it really easy for the night cream to really absorb into my skin and I didn’t feel dry at all. A few days into using them I noticed that my skin felt smoother, more moisturized, less tight. I’ve continued using it, and I’m actually really happy with it!!

To all my girls who are into truly organic, vegan and earth-friendly products I am ALLLL about Trufora – and I highly suggest giving them a try. Huge thumbs up in my book!