Thrift Shop Lessons and Dynamite

Today I’m sharing another one of my favorite, easy monochromatic looks, featuring James Jeans, Dynamite and Pretty Little Thing. I know that most of us are not looking to spend a couple hundred on each piece of clothing, which is why I try hard to bring you guys brands that are fabulous, well-made, AND well-priced. And before you jump in and say that the James Jeans ones don’t fit that last category, let me tell you that they are AMAZING. They are so incredibly soft and stretchy and yet thick. I received a few pairs from James Jeans and seriously I don’t know what the formula is that they are using but these are by far the most favorite jeans I have owned, and I have owned a LOT of jeans in my life. Seriously, check our Instagram, our past posts, aside from a few pairs of Paige jeans thrown in there (I do adore them still) – are a whole LOT of James Jeans, and not because anyone asked me to…it’s cause they are that good. When we went to LA last week for work, every pair that I packed was James. Amaze. Please try them – and for designer jeans truly they’re a great price!

It’s funny, sometimes I don’t feel like writing about clothes, at all. Maybe even often…often I want to write about stuff with a bit more substance, that I’m more passionate about. Sure, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE clothes and I do get excited talking about pairing outfits, textures, how to create looks – I LOVE bringing you guys new brands, new workouts, new food – especially when they are economically advantageous. But I really like to share about more than that with you guys…I have always found that connecting with you guys was far better than just talking about the look of the day. So, I’ll have to figure out how to do that while showcasing outfits since we have been super busy with various companies. I figure that anecdotes are a wonderful way to bring some life to these clothing shots…so here is one for you now.

Growing up my parents were artists who worked from home in a teeny tiny town in Northern California called Forestville. In 2010 the census stated that the city made it to a population of 12,500 or so…so imagine what it was like back when I was born (in the late 80’s – a lady never reveals her age – ha!). I grew up playing with my chickens and bunnies and various other creature, picking blackberries and concord grapes, exploring the apple orchard that our home sat on. My parents had a ceramics business and I was often naked (or just in shoes) playing in the clay, a total free-bird. When I wasn’t dressing up like a ‘princess bride’, fashion wasn’t exactly on my horizon but once I turned ten or so I started having some opinion about what I wore (or what I wished I wore).  Although we got to go to Macy’s maybe a few times a year for special occasions, most of the time we shopped GoodWill, Salvation Army, and various other local second-hand clothing stores. I learned to dig through piles, evaluating pieces at a glance, and how to find the diamonds in the rough. Which might be why I still love thrift shopping (hello, Buffalo Exchange). Because of this, I have a great eye when it comes to picking awesome-looking inexpensive pieces. You have to be careful, a $30 coat could either be absolutely gorgeous or completely and utterly horrid. You have to evaluate the material, the cut, the accessories (such as buttons, belts etc. if there are any, and then make a judgment call. But what I love about Dynamite is that I don’t have to use my thrift shop super skills to find the good pieces and that’s because they are ALL great pieces, at fab prices, and reallllly well made. I love Forever 21 but it has seriously blown up and it’s prices are skyrocketing (blows my mind, for reals but whatevs that’s another convo), so I have been on the hunt for a site with on-trend, well-cut, pieces at rockin’ prices. And Dynamite is it! One of the many wonderful things about working with a partner is that you both learn about things you didn’t know. I introduce Amira to brands, and she to I! I had never heard of Dynamite until I started working with her so, Amira, if you read this, I owe you a big thanks, GREAT find!

JEANS: c/o James Jeans  ::  TOP: c/o Dynamite  ::  COAT: Forever 21, love this one too ::  HEELS: c/o Pretty Little Thing (last seen in this post)  ::  SUNGLASSES: c/o Kapten & Son (seen on just about every post or insta photo for the last month because I love them so much).  :: BAG: c/o Closet Access which I wear alll the time – cause I mean hiii it’s a genuine leather Chloe knockoff for under $100. Beloved bag. For reals.

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