The Bug










We did family photos a little while ago and I am so excited to share these precious pics of Little C with you guys (more family photos to come soon)! She is a nut and some of her quirky, silly personality comes through in these pics. She is such a little light….always says “hi” and waves to people even if she doesn’t know them, asks random people for high fives (we are going to have to start talking about Stranger Danger at some point). If kids in her class or kid’s club are crying she is always the first to go to them and pat them on the back and tell them “is going to be okaaaay”. Granted sometimes she can be an absolute terror (yesterday for example – WOW) but in general she is just the ┬ábest thing ever. Obviously I’m biased because I’m her mom but she makes everything else worth it. Yesterday we were laying in bed together and she was playing with my hair and telling me a story about dragons, and I realized that this is what it feels like to be loved unconditionally and to love back in the same way. I’m grateful for what I learn from her each day. Love my little bug!