Suede Jackets are FOREVER

Ahaaaa black again! SHOCKER! Some people think that black is a dark, depressing color. And while I can be a bit morbid (I’ve been known to read about serial killers and listen to Sword & Scale – and so has Amira), I don’t see black as being a sad color in the least. I think that it’s elegant and clean and classic. I love colors on other people….but for me I prefer to stick to black, white, gray, tans, and occasionally some blush pink. Essentially, my entire closet is one rather massive – let’s be honest – capsule wardrobe, minus the whole 30 pieces or less thing. Keeping my colors the same allows me to mix and match so easily…so instead of patterns and prints and colors, I style with textures. Patent leather shoes…suede coat, thick knit. All of these pieces have different textures that when combined create a look that is simple in color but full of intrigue nonetheless.

Speaking of capsule wardrobes, I run into a really interesting dilemma quite often (not a fashion one so much as a personal belief/ideology one) – which I will talk about in our next post…but I am really curious though if you guys struggle with it, too. More to come on that one.

One more point of discussion before we call it a day on this post (it’s been a long week and this mama has a whole lot more to do before bed) – sooo this suede jacket. YOU GUYS. I don’t buy clothing much at all anymore (seriously, I don’t). But this jacket was SO amazing and so freaking well-priced that it was an absolute MUST-HAVE. Not like a maybe, more of an “I will regret this for years to come if I don’t get it” sort of deal. Because leather and suede jackets are timeless. They really are – look at trends throughout the years and decades and leather jackets have consistently been a staple. I have leather jackets from ten years ago that I still wear, and that look really amazing. Leather wears well, and so does suede. So, this jacket. The cut is amazing. The fit is superb (I’m wearing an XS but you can size up for a slightly oversized look, too). The colors it comes in are fabulous (including red and purple if you’re into the color game) – although this tan is my personal fave. It’s also under $200 – which for real suede, and we are talking nice, thick, soft suede – well that’s a serious steal. When I’m passionate about stuff I share it with you guys, and this jacket is really a must-have, for EVERYONE. It’s so versatile, throw it on with a white tank and some jeans for a laid-back look, or a thick sweater for chilly weather. Wear over a mini dress or even a maxi dress. It’s really a great buy, and you will have it for years to come. And while I would encourage everyone to have a black leather jacket in their wardrobe, I would say that this is a close second in necessity. The color and suede also give it less of that “biker” feel that makes some people shy away from leather jackets. I know a lot of women have said to me that they don’t feel “cool” enough for a leather jacket, or that it doesn’t work with their style. This jacket allows you to wear the moto jacket style and in leather without it being such a statement. It blends more easily with various styles. Okay I’m done I’ll stop going on and on about the jacket, just know that it’s incredible.

ANYWAYS – have a wonderful Thursday – and we will talk tomorrow. MUAH!

SWEATER: c/o Bare Anthology  ::  JACKET: Blank NYC  ::  CHOKER: c/o Argento Vivo  ::  DENIM: Rag & Bone, super similar pair here, 1/4 of the price  ::  SUNGLASSES: c/o Kapten & Son  ::  BAG: c/o Urban Expressions  ::  SHOES: c/o GH Bass