Staying Fit While Traveling


Hi loves! Lately Big C and I have been talking about where to go on our next vacation (we all need a break from life sometimes!) and have been throwing around various ideas.  Make sure you scroll down for some freaking GORGEOUS shots from various places we have been wanting to go.  We always work hard to stay active and (relatively) healthy even when we travel, so today I have Kendra Thornton writing on how she stays healthy while traveling with her three littles.  A former director of Orbitz Communications, Kendra has been featured on a few networks in the past for her awesome travel tips.  I’m out with a cold today (again) so without further ado, here is Kendra.

As a mother of three active children, I have discovered that the secret to our happiness is staying active and eating healthy meals. My kids may not realize my secret agenda, but it works wonders. Making time for a healthy, active lifestyle takes a bit of advance preparation, especially while traveling.  Since Gogobot informed me that it is Fit Family Lifestyles Month, I thought I’d share some of my favorite tips for staying active during family vacation.

1.Stay away from the drive-through window.

It is easy to get stuck eating burgers and fries when you’re on the road. These foods offer little nutritional value and can make your family cranky and bloated. Before you leave, pack healthy snacks and meals for trip. Good choices include trail mix, granola bars, fresh fruit, and hard-boiled eggs. Don’t forget to pack plenty of water for thirsty travelers.

2.Pack for your active lifestyle.

Be prepared for anything by packing clothes for activities like swimming, hiking, or jogging. Tennis shoes or sneakers for everyone in your group are always a good idea. Depending on the climate you’re traveling in, you may also want to pack a fleece jacket and rain-gear for inclement weather.

3.Plan some activities to keep you active.

Before you leave for your vacation, make note places you can visit for walking, hiking, or running. Ask your kids for suggestions and ideas. Hotels with pools encourage exercise, while many destinations offer beautiful parks, bike paths, and hiking trails.

4.Stick to your routine.

Yes, you’re on vacation and there’s nothing wrong with staying up a little late, going out for ice cream, and eating out. Keep in mind that staying healthy is a lifestyle choice and splurging like this every day can have negative effects on your family’s mood and health – try to do it all in moderation!

5.Don’t forget to relax.

Vacationing with your family is about spending time together, exploring, and making memories. Remember to enjoy yourselves!

I hope these tips will be beneficial to you and you and your family! These are just a few of the ways we stay active while traveling. What are some ways you and your family choose to lead a healthy lifestyle? Enjoy!