Sharks and Babes: Aquarium Part 2

Hi loves! So remember that post from the aquarium, the one that I said was the first of two posts? Well…I FINALLY got a chance to put up the second set! Yay! While I’m not a huge fan of stretching out the time between posts, I do love looking back on photos as I edit and publish them because it allows me to relive those moments, to remember little things that I have forgotten about. Pictures tell stories and help keep memories alive, and for that I am so grateful. Today I’ve decided to sort of narrate throughout the photos, so scroll away and enjoy.


The two C’s spent a good deal of time during our aquarium visit watching the boats in the harbor while I snuck in photos of them….the little is amazed by boats and she could have spent the entire day just watching them pull in and out of the harbor. She also has quite the interest in feeding the seagulls while we are there (much to the chagrin of some of the other aquarium patrons, oops) but it’s so fun to watch her delight as they eat the crumbs she tosses to them that I don’t have the heart to tell her no….plus I love feeding them too soooo….

IMG_0859 IMG_0854 IMG_0861 IMG_0860 IMG_0866 IMG_0868 IMG_0848 IMG_0847 IMG_0841 IMG_0809


I love capturing the moments between these two…so precious. It is so important to me that we have these memories immortalized in photographs so that we can look back on them when the babe is older and remember all over again. And they are just too adorable….so I’m sorry for the overload of photos, lol. PS – that seagull’s facial expression in the photo. I can’t. I think it’s hilarious…but it might just be me that sees a funny face. Pretty sure most people see a seagull looking at a you see what I’m talking about? He looks like he is posing 🙂

IMG_0813 IMG_0826 IMG_0832 IMG_0833 IMG_0806

The babe is currently at an age where she thinks that she can do EVERYTHING herself, and wants absolutely NO help from either of us. I’ve heard that at this age kids are referred to as ‘threenagers’ and it is sooo fitting for her. I still make her hold my hand going down the stairs though because if I didn’t I’m relatively sure (based on prior experience) that she would attempt to charge down them fearlessly, resulting in some not so pleasant falls…and selfishly I want to hold her hand every chance I get because she is growing up so fast and I want to be able to hold her hand forever. SOB!


IMG_0931 IMG_0937 IMG_0935

We always end up walking past the gift shop while at the aquarium, and it is a mine field of parental hangups. The first time that the babe was old enough to ask for something she wanted, we left with a life-sized stuffed penguin; I kid you not that thing was (and is still) larger than her. Whoops. Since then we have learned to either a) distract her when we pass by or b) simply say no when she wants every single thing there (and it’s harder to say no to that little face than you might think). If it was up to her, our house would be filled with sharks, dolphins, turtles, and various fish toys. A veritable aquarium in our apartment. No thanks.

IMG_0945 IMG_0958 IMG_0950

One of our favorite parts of the aquarium is the aviary where they house the Lorikeets. The colorful and super tame parrots are free to walk or fly wherever they choose and sometimes if we are lucky I can coax one onto my finger (Little C always wants to pet them but they are not terribly interested in grabby toddler hands). There is also sugar water that can be purchased to feed to them, but generally we just take our luck with finding one that is amenable to being held. Unfortunately on this last trip to see the birds I got pooped on…hence the look on my face a few photos down. Fortunately, however, Big C was there to catch my reaction on camera.

IMG_0961 IMG_0964 IMG_0979 IMG_0973 IMG_0975 IMG_0983IMG_0998

One of the babes other favorite things to do at the aquarium is visit the character animals; there is a shark and a few other larger-than-life animals that kids can get in line to take photos with, and we NEVER miss an opportunity to meet a shark. This time Little C spontaneously decided to gift the shark a necklace to wear on his fin as a bracelet. The mommy in me was super proud of her for sharing, haha. Good job little babe, well done. The shark seemed pretty pleased with the Disney princess necklace, too (although I’m starting to think that he is always smiling like that…).

IMG_1001 IMG_1003 IMG_1010


I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend with your loved ones, and that you savor the special moments. I’m excited for rain (which is in the forecast) but half the time the weather people are wrong so I’m going to be spending the next 24 hours with my fingers and toes crossed. There is something so soothing and cleansing about rain…I miss it so much living here. Anyways. I hope that you guys enjoyed the pics, and that there weren’t WAY too many.

PS – Be on the lookout next week for lots of fun collaborations, I am so excited to be working with a bunch of awesome companies to bring you guys some spring fashion inspo! Woop woop!

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