Punta Cana and a Laser Hair Removal Update

Babes! It is so good to be back, but oh my goodness SO hard, too. Punta Cana was absolutely amazing, just beautiful and impossibly perfect weather…pretty amazing considering we didn’t know if we were going to get to go, thanks to the numerous hurricanes circling the Atlantic. We literally had one day of rain the entire time, the rest of the days were spent in the sun, swimming, playing on the beach, swimming with dolphins (YES that happened!!) and loving the fact that being out of the country meant zero cell phone reception.

After not going on vacay for FIVE plus years, it was time. I can’t believe that we waited so long, and if I’ve learned one thing, it’s to never put life on hold for that long ever again. Speaking of putting things on hold though, STOP waiting to get that laser hair removal we discussed after my first treatment (catch up here if you haven’t read it yet) because OH EM GEE. You guys, it’s even more amazing than I could have dreamed and I wish I had done this like ten years ago (and they’re offering up to 70% off right now so….duh).

Basically my least favorite part about vacations is how often you have to shave because let’s be real, the daily shaving during a vacation can be super irritating and uncomfortable. Your options are either unsightly and painful razor bumps, or a visible bikini line, and neither of those seem acceptable. Who wants to be held hostage by their hair, forced to choose the “lesser” of two evils? DON’T BE! Ideal Image seriously made my vacation so easy peasy (and btw, peep their new brand and site overhaul, it’s unbelievably cute!). I only had to shave ONCE the entire time that we were there, and we spent nine full days enjoying the splendor of Punta Cana in varying degrees of itsy bitsy teenie weenie bikinis. And even though I had to shave that one time, the growth was nothing like it was before treatments.

I was worried that one treatment wasn’t going to be enough to make a difference, and after my first treatment with Ideal Image it did take about a week or so for the hair to fall out, but once it did fall out basically nothing came back, and I mean NOTHING, it really did work better than I ever thought it could. TMI (?) but my armpits were so smooth, it was just unreal. Having dark hair and pale skin, even right after I shave you would always be able to see little dots, the hair follicles beneath the surface. No matter the razor type or how new or fancy it was, I couldn’t ever get my armpits to look “clear”, the same for my bikini line. So to have smooth hairless bodily areas is just, it’s indescribable. It looks pretty amazing, and even more importantly, it definitely makes me feel more comfortable and confidant in my own skin – which is priceless. So a HUGE ‘thank you’ to Ideal Image for not just wiping out my hair but also resolving some of my own self-doubt and revamping my confidence.

One thing to be sure to do though is to follow up! You generally need 9 treatments about 8-10 weeks apart, and around the 8 week mark I did start to see some marked hair growth returning (totally normal, by the way). But you can see why it’s not a one and done sort of deal, persistent and consistent usage of the laser is key when it comes to totally eradicating the hair growth.

One of the best things about about no more shaving is the fact that, just like living in California, here in Texas it’s hot and there are plenty of pools (sadly no oceans but yay for lots of lakes!). So just because summer is over for now, that hasn’t stopped the weather from sticking around a consistent 80-plus degrees – in fact we have a trip to the lake coming up for Miss C’s birthday! Laser hair removal is a year-round gift, not just for vacations or summers. And if you aren’t in year-round warm locales, just consider how fabulous it is for lingerie and alllll those vacations you take to the warm spots while it snows! And please babes, if you have questions by all means, ask away! Nothing is TMI over here, and if I don’t have the answers then the experts over at Ideal Image will -after all, they’re all about ‘honest conversations‘ and so am I 😉

We will be posting some more travel photos soon, too – but wanted to share some of the images we captured over there, enjoying the hair-free life!