Preloved and Perfectly Amaze: Working with The Lady Bag

Babes!! How is everyone? The weather here is NUTS. Like, one day it’s freezing (and by the way, I think anything under 84 is chilly but it actually was like super cold), the next day we have pouring rain and tornado watches and lightning, and then it’s like 92 and summer and clear as can be. Sooo I still haven’t really figured out how to dress myself when going out, haha – I’m always too cold or like sweating-my-life-away hot. I’ve taken to toting my parka around with me as a security blanket, lol.

SO – since lots of you still have snow (or live in LA), I figured I would share this easy, layered look to get you through the chillier days – while educating y’all (see how I did that?! So Texas oh.em.gee) about The Lady Bag and how I style my looks with vintage, preloved bags!

The Lady Bag is a family owned business that specializes in buying and selling pre-owned authentic Louis Vuitton goods (and other luxury brands, too). Launched in 2013, The Lady Bag’s goal is to make sure that anyone who wants a Louis Vuitton or designer bag should be able have one! They carry authentic merchandise only, and each bag is authenticated through a team of authenticators (both in-house authentication and 3rd party authentication to ensure that bags are absolutely 100% real. Every bag on The Lady Bag site is guaranteed 100% authentic or your money will be refunded. PS – they also offer 30-day layaway/payment plans just in case. AND if you’re like me, and are always looking for something unique, different, or rare, you can email to discuss finding THE piece.

Speaking of “the piece” how incredible is this vintage Gucci bag?! It’s from 1990 – 1999 (omg that makes it vintage and that in turn makes me OLD…anyways) and it’s gorgeous! Brown suede with dark brown tiny G’s, black leather straps, and for a super cool twist, the double G’s closure is gold AND silver. Very unique – and very much in love. Often I find that people find it hard to style brown purses (or brown in general) and I would say it’s a pretty common question that comes up. So – I figured this was a perfect time to discuss styling.

How to work other colors into your life. HA. I’m sure by now that you are all aware of my incessant love of neutrals, i.e. grays, whites, blacks, tans. Brown just doesn’t quite cut it in the neutrals department, but I do think it’s a close runner-up and I enjoy styling with it. If I am going to have brown in my look, then I choose ONE piece that will be that color, and then design around it – think of it as a statement piece.

For this look, I kept everything very clean – clean lines, clean colors. The sweater and cardigan that I’m wearing are actually just one piece – how cool is that? Literally a sweater and cardigan all in one, sooo easy! Really like it, and love how lightweight it is (also to my fellow wool-alergic homies, it’s acrylic and cotton so no itchiness). I added this amazing Dynamite sweater coat because OMG the knit is amazing! The color, the texture, the weight, just SO good. And again, no wool, yay!! The sweater coat has deep pockets and runs true to size – I like rolling the sleeves. Black denim and sleek black heeled booties *which by the way are dreammmmy* complete the look .Everything is kept simple to allow the bag to be the star.

Vintage purses add intrigue, some depth to an otherwise very simple look. In this case, I love how the suede, the thick-knit of the sweater coat, and the lightweight sweater all compliment each other with their various textures. A vintage purse like this Gucci one takes a look from #basicbitch to amaze – and it’s also an awesome conversation piece because of how unique the bag itself is. What do you guys think when it comes to preloved items? Yay or nay, and why? How would you style this Gucci bag? We love to hear from you!

Stay tuned, we have another spring-focused look coming soon with this gorgeous bag, can’t wait to share it with you!

PURSE: c/o The Lady Bag  ::  DENIM: c/o Paige  ::  Boots: c/o WindsorSmith ::  Sweater & Cardigan: by Bobeau c/o Samantha Slaven  ::  Sweater Coat: c/o Dynamite