Media Room Remodel with Overstock

Room remodels are one of our absolute favorite projects – taking a space from basic and bland to unique and memorable is SO much fun. There is something about transformation that’s great not only for the look and feel of the house itself, but for the soul. So we were incredibly excited to get the chance to work with Overstock on the remodel of our upstairs media room – their prices and selection are unbeatable and they are a go-to when styling our home. The media room had definitely been neglected and saved for last. No rug, no coffee table, white walls…incredibly blah. It was just another space with a couch and not much else. When we started to dream up the concept for what we wanted to do, the key points were color and texture. Many of the spaces in our house are neutral, so we thought it would be fun to have one that was a bit more colorful yet still relatively monochromatic. So! Without further ado….here is the before….

Yeah, pretty blah, right? Well. Get ready, cause the remodel, thanks to Overstock, is KILLER. BOOM.

Now that you’ve had a chance to catch your breath, let’s talk remodels, and the choices we made to get things from totally drab to absolute perfection!

WALLS – With such a large white expanse of wall space, we knew we wanted to do an incredible accent wall. Grasscloth is a great alternative to simply painting a room – it provides texture, sheen, dimension. We went with this gorgeous grasscloth wallpaper in a dark dark green, and as you can see it turned out beautifully. Never be afraid of color or texture, this is what makes a room unique and not just another Pinterest creation.  We wanted to keep things relatively monochromatic, with blacks, whites, greens, and pops of browns and golds.

SIDE TABLE – With the couch having a longer chaise, we knew that we needed to make sure that there was a side table so that the space was not only beautiful, but functional. Nothing more annoying than having to constantly move from your cozy spot on the chaise lounge of the to couch to grab a drink from the oh-so-far-away coffee table. With the side table right there, you can have easy access to food or drinks. We picked a side table that would tie in the accents of the room that we wanted to carry throughout, wood elements that brought the warm pop of brown, and iron legs that would pick up the coffee table, and side chair. This side table is the perfect mix of rustic and modern that we wanted, and at $134, well it’s one of those steals you can’t really pass up! We chose accents for the table that complemented the simplistic feel of the room, a white ceramic matte vase, faux succulent, and super cool black and gold globe. When styling spaces, we often play to the rule of (at least) three: choose at least three accents, of varying height and size and texture that still have common characteristics and your space will look styled and intentional!

COFFEE TABLE – when it came to choosing a coffee table we really went back and forth, trying to decide between a wood like a warm walnut, and a more stone/marble look. But what we really loved was the iron legs and marble- look table top of this gorgeous piece, and the price is AMAZING (seriously, at $136 it’s sort of a no-brainer). There weren’t any stone accents in the room, so we felt a nice mixed-media piece with stone would be a perfect way to mix things up. For the coffee table decor, we kept things pretty simple again: a black wooden tray (an octagon shape is a nice way to break up the rectangular coffee table), a gold accent (how rad is this bronze finger statue?!), a pretty white floral arrangement, and another faux succulent to carry a pop of green to the table. The Moroccan poufs can be used as accents against the coffee table as we have them in the photo, and then easily dragged into place for tired feet when guests are over – and they carry that warm brown that we wanted to continue throughout the space.

PILLOWS – Pillows are one of the things that really make or break a room, and we had so much fun with these! We kept the color scheme simple (black, white, green) but by using various textures, sizes, and materials, we created depth and intrigue. The velvet pleated pillows are luxurious and feather-filled, SO soft. The twill pillows are more matte and smaller and would be great indoor or outdoors, and the knotted diamond pillows lend that luxury boho vibe. When you bring them all together, the create such a fun and inviting space!

ACCENT CHAIR – Every space needs an accent chair – and they’re called accent chairs for a reason! The chair, in our humble opinion of course, should really stand out, be a statement in some way. This particular chair is a super cool woven Acapulco chair, and the uniique oval shape and and material make it stand out but still tie into the room really well. We partially covered it with a sheepskin to keep it soft and add that continuous boho feel to the room.

DECORATIVE ACCENTS – Decor is really what makes a room look styled, it’s what pulls everything together to look planned, to flow. We LOVE plants in the house, all over the house, in every room, and although we often tend towards live plants, there is really something to be sad for well-made faux ones. Our faux Fiddle Leaf Fig looks super realistic, but doesn’t require the care that live ones do (and trust us, they are PICKY and tough). A Fiddle Leaf for example requires a lot of indirect sunlight and the space we wanted to place it in would not have given it the light it needs. So we were really excited to get our faux Fiddle and see just how amazing it looked! We used various plants to add hints of green throughout the room, and these faux succulents were perfect.

In addition to plants, we had a seagrass basket to carry the warmth of the brown into the farther corner of the room, and it is the perfect size to hold our chunky knit throw. We styled the throw a few different ways to show how versatile it is – drape it over the couch, fold it into the basket, or even lay it on top of some shelves for a fun textured accent that doubles as a super cozy throw. Finally, we added some unique ceramic pieces to give the room some more fullness (this buddha head is amazing and the black textured vase is gorg!).

RUG – We got a little outside of our comfort zone on this one and are SO glad that we did! The print is a bit  more wild and pronounced than we normally would go, but with the space being a media room, and needing a little extra flair, we felt this rug was the perfect addition to tie the room together. We love that while the colors stay in our monochromatic scheme, the texture really turns everything up a level! We adore that it’s truly multi-dimensional, and the white fluffy fringe is just FUN. Highly recommend this rug, it’s well-made, great price, and super unique.

WHEW. That concludes the end of our tour, but be on the lookout for lots more photos of our new gorgeous space. We have linked all of the Overstock pieces that we used to create this remodel, but of course are always here for questions (how did you apply the wallpaper is one we get a lot!).

WALLPAPER: c/o Overstock  ::  COFFEE TABLE: c/o Overstock  ::  ACAPULCO CHAIR: c/o Overstock  :: SIDE TABLE: c/o Overstock  :: TWILL PILLOWS: c/o Overstock  ::  KNIT BLANKET: c/o Overstock  ::  MOROCCAN POUF: c/o Overstock  ::  BRASS FINGER DECOR: c/o Overstock  ::  FAUX SUCCULENTS: c/o Overstock  ::  FIDDLE LEAF: c/o Overstock  ::  RETTEL BOARD: c/o Overstock  ::  RUG: c/o Overstock  ::  PLEATED VELVET PILLOWS: c/o Overstock  ::  KNOTTED DIAMOND PILLOWS: c/o Overstock  ::  HYDRANGEA ARRANGEMENT: c/o Overstock  ::  SEAGRASS BASKET: c/o Overstock  ::  BLACK TABLE TRAY: c/o Overstock  ::  BLACK VASE: c/o Overstock  ::  BUDDHA HEAD: c/o Overstock  ::  WHITE RIBBED VASE: c/o Overstock  ::  BLACK GLOBE: c/o Overstock