Loving Your Body and Yourself: The Journey to Acceptance



We are all our harshest critics.  We see the “flaws”, the dimples and pockmarks and scars that no one else does.  We fixate on our perceived imperfections-the cellulite or the stretch-marks.  What if, just for one day, we focused on loving ourselves instead? What sort of a change do you think we might feel? What if, when we looked in the mirror, instead of seeing all that we think is wrong, we simply saw ourselves for who and what we are without judgement? Loving yourself is the first step in the journey to a healthier, happier you.  How can we truly love others, or allow love into our lives, if we can not love ourselves?

I know. This is all easier said than done.  If loving ourselves was so easy, we would have much lower occurrences of eating disorders, self-harming behavior, suicide, or drug use.  While it may not be easy, I absolutely believe to my very core that it is POSSIBLE. It is possible to love yourself and be at peace and acceptance-to simply enjoy instead of critique; to care for your body rather than destroy it.  This is where being healthy comes into play.  For me, part of my journey to loving and accepting myself and my body is being fit and healthy.  I want to honor my body and the life that I was given by taking the best care of it that I possibly can, which means trying my best to eat clean, organic foods, drinking lots of water, and engaging in physical exercise.  I want to be around a long time so that I can watch Little C grow up, enjoy the simple pleasures and the triumphs and the tears that come with life.  So ask yourself-are you capable of loving yourself, caring for yourself? Are you ready to be healthy and happy?  What do you see when you stand in front of the mirror? What do you FEEL?

Everyone has days where they need some extra motivation, some love, some care. There are days where we need pats on the back or kind words of encouragement. But there are also going to be times when there isn’t someone there to do that for us, and that is when we have to become our biggest cheerleaders. We have to be our own supporters, we have to love ourselves enough to believe that we are worthy of the best that life has to offer.  Those moments when the little voices in your head scream at you to just give up, to give in, to sit on the couch and press the snooze button on life, those are the moments when you HAVE to know that you are worth it. Your health is worth it. Get off the couch, flip the bird to those detrimental thoughts, and get going.  Only you have the power to make your life the way that you want it. So go. Go get it. You got this <3