Love and the Cold


DENIM: rag&bone  ::  TOP: Haute Hippie (sold out), similar style here  ::  LEATHER JACKET: Trouve  ::  VEST: June, more sizes here  ::  BOOTS: Report Signature (old), similar styles here, here, splurge here  ::  GLASSES: Ray-ban, non-polarized here  ::  BEANIE: Nordstrom, similar style here (on sale!)

It’s COLD here in Utah! We made our first half of the journey relatively unscathed (and had some interesting adventures at truck-stop restrooms along the way) and I am loving the chilly weather. There is something about the cold that makes everything feel so much more festive to me…it’s hard to feel like it’s really Christmas in sunny 70 degree cali. I wore this look yesterday when we ran out to do some last minute shopping….and I was stoked because I wasn’t dying from heat stroke lol. We stopped along this quiet road to shoot a quick set and I was astounded by how quiet and peaceful everything was. No cars, no people. No noises. Just cold, fading light spilling over sandstone and blue mountains, and the chill of winter biting at my face. Living in LA you forget that places like this exist…you forget that there are places where things are slower and colder and calmer. I loved watching the sun set last night…it was the first time in ages that I could almost hear the sun slip behind the horizon….and I loved it. I could hear myself think. It was glorious. Today we head out for another drive towards northern Utah (near Salt Lake City) where we will spend the next week, and SO EXCITED -there is SNOW on the forecast!!! Fingers, toes, and everything else crossed for a white Christmas; I can’t wait to watch the babe play in the snow…that little girl is everything.  It’s almost Christmas babes! Hope that you all had a wonderful weekend. Lots more fun photos from our trip to come.