Le Motto: Because Words DO Have Power


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There are very few things that I know for sure…but one of them is that words have the power to change the world. Communication, the words we choose to speak, wear, or share can be one of the most powerful calls to action and change that we have. This is why I so love clothing company Le Motto, and their tagline “because words do have power“; like the founder of Le Motto I firmly believe that our words possess the ability to make a massive impact on those around us. t’s up to us however, to decide whether that impact will be negative or positive.

The Le Motto tee that I am wearing ‘Je suis humanity‘, is a blend of French and English and translates into ‘I am humanity’. It is an affirmation that we possess the ability to treat others humanely, a recognition of the fact that we are ALL human, all connected by that one very important unifying factor. When we are able to recognize that we are all human beings who all deserve the same love and respect, then we are one step closer to creating a world where violence and war and predatory behavior becomes obsolete.

Vaiana, the founder of Le Motto, shares how words have impacted her life from the very beginning:

‘My life started on the island of Tahiti. It was a beautiful place, but I had to endure harsh words in my own home that often led to violence and abuse. As a student, words were central to all my studies, as I eventually earned degrees in language, law and international relations. As a mother I became even more aware of how words on the playground, in the mall, on the bus, on TV and even in schools can bombard our kids with toxic ideas. I also learned how comforting kind words can be for a suffering child…..Words hurt me in my childhood. Today, they galvanize my desire to inspire people.”

Le Motto also understands that words must be followed by actions – and so the company donates profits from apparel purchases to children who are suffering from violent circumstances, and 10% of their profits go to anti-bullying organizations.  Such a wonderful company inside and out, I could not be more honored to wear Vaiana’s clothing and spread the Le Motto message that we can all ‘change the world, one word at a time’.

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