La Clé and the Naked Key

Sometimes we don’t need words. Some days we just need the sun, the ocean….the salt and the sun. Simplicity. I love the simple things, which is probably why I am so drawn to La Clé jewelry and their concept: “Look good, feel good, do good”. Simple, straightforward, powerful.

Owner Deanna Saracino is the multi-tasking genius behind La Clé, which would be enough for one person but she is also a mom AND President of vinyl pressing company Standard Vinyl (also super rad, check it out). Talk about a Superwoman right? Deanna created La Clé, which translates to  “they key” in French, to give people the opportunity to look good, feel good, and do good all with one piece of jewelry. The beautiful and unique keys serve as reminders to live more positive and conscious lives. Each of the vintage repurposed and fully customizable keys are dipped in colors to represent various energies and mantras. Gold for example, reflects worthiness and value, while black is representative of power and control. Pink is thoughtful and patient, green is generous and lucky. Wearers can choose from a vast array of colors and chains, as well as as double decker keys, dipped keys, and glitter keys (my personal fave).

As you guys know, I also love to share about companies that give back to the greater good – and Le Clé participates in the “do good” of their mission statement by donating to charities via the Naked Key. As the keys are worn, the color fades away over time, serving as a constant reminder that the wearer is absorbing the energy and matra of the key. Once the color has completely faded it symbolizes that the journey has come full circle and at this point wearers can post a picture of their naked key to social media with the tag #nakedkey and which charity they want to be donated to. La Clé will then make a donation to the charity in the wearers honor. Pretty rad, right?

And – just in case you’re all about super cool tees and tanks (I’m a graphic tee nutjob), check out their line of cheeky and optimistic tees and tanks. I’m obsessed with their ‘Effing Brilliant‘ and ‘New York‘ tanks! Their tees are printed on American Apparel cotton (great quality) and fit like a dream. Definitely a must for my tee-wearing enthusiasts. Make sure you check back tomorrow to see how I styled my tank for a day out. MUAH!

TANK: c/o La Clé  ::  NECKLACE: c/o La Clé  ::  BEANIE: c/o La Clé

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Photos by Stacie Hess