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I don’t know what it is about this season that makes me crave plaid on a whole new level of craziness. I have an affinity for plaid year round and almost always have a flannel tied around my waist but something about the fall and winter sets a switch in my brain to gravitate towards plaid like a moth to a lightbulb (gross analogy but seriously, it’s so powerful). I’m really big on juxtaposition when it comes to styling, I love to take something femme and girly and mix it up with some leather or more masculine inspired pieces. Juxtaposition is what makes an outfit exciting or unique, you throw in something unexpected and the whole feel changes. This outfit is a good example, mixing a daintier pencil skirt and peep toe booties with a leather jacket and chunky plaid scarf, not too girly, not to SOA (please tell me you watch the show). If I had to give a description of my ‘style’ I think it would be just that: contradictory pieces that somehow work well together. Because that is basically who I am, lots of different often conflicting ideologies and beliefs and viewpoints rolled into one person who somehow tends to function on a relatively “normal” basis. Speaking of function, I am SO TIRED. Anyone else? I feel like I need to sleep for a week.

On a side note, I found SO MANY great steals to re-create this outfiit! Like identical pieces mostly under $30! Check out the ‘steal’ links, I’m super excited about my finds. Also, if you’re shopping at Forever21, use the code F21Friend for 20% off!!! Yay saving money!

SKIRT: American Apparel, similar steal here

LEATHER JACKET: Express (old), identical steal here for only $30!, splurge here

SCARF: Forever 21 (last season), almost identical steal here, splurge here

WEDGES: Alexander Wang, similar steal here

SUNGLASSES: Ray- ban, steal here ($5!)