Golden Hour Reminiscing

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COAT: Forever 21 (on sale!)  ::  LEGGINGS: Paige, similar styles here, here, and here  ::  BOOTS: Jeffrey Campbell  ::  TEE: Forever 21 ($12, such a steal)

Something about the golden hour makes me feel whimsical and sort of sad. I don’t know what it is….it’s the same way that certain songs pull at my heart strings, the way that The Eagles or hearing ‘Forever Young’ brings tears to my eyes. Maybe it’s because the sunset marks another day down, or perhaps it’s the way that the light softens and everything seems a little more fuzzy and blurred around the edges. Or it could just be that along with the beauties in life there is sadness and loss…maybe the knowledge that joy and tragedy go hand in hand sits right beneath the surface of my consciousness and the setting sun reminds me of this fact. Regardless, editing these photos made me think and I had to share. Sometimes I just want to free write, to flow. Some days I don’t feel like talking about why I paired leather leggings with a plaid coat, you know? So today, I just want to think about music and soft light and life, and be grateful for each day that I get to spend with those I love. Happy Tuesday, babes. Enjoy <3