ForLegs Activewear and the Most Fabulous Yoga Pants Ever

I always get excited when I get to try out new activewear. If you know me, then you know that I am a workout fiend. Anything active, and I’m so there. Gym, weights, running, yoga, you name it and if it gets my heart racing and my skin sweaty I want to do it. So, needless to say I wear workout clothes A LOT. As in, I basically live in them. Ask anyone at work (or who stops by my home, now) and chances are that I’m in leggings and a tee, either pre or post gym. So I have worn a LOT of gym clothes in my life – and at this point in my old age (hah) – I know what I want in a pair of leggings.  I look for leggings that are multifunctional, that I can run in, do handstands in. I look for leggings that are thick enough to not be see-through but thin enough that I’m comfortable. And, of course, being that I’m sort of into fashion and all, I want leggings that are different. I want leggings that are unique and that stand out, whether they’re mesh, printed, colorful. Well – if you girlies are like me then you will LOVE ForLegs Activewear.

ForLegs Activewear originated in Brazil (hence their vibrant and incredible designs) – lucky for all of us we can now buy them here in the US. Their goal was to transform the yoga pant industry, to take boring ordinary leggings and turn them into the most high quality, most comfortable and most stylized leggings ever – and they have succeeded. Just check out these gorgeous leggings – amazing right? And so unique, where else will you find something like these?

Being the monochromatic chick that I am however, I decided to start by trying out their Indentations Mesh Legging. Just some info on these bad boys: they are a skinny fit that hug your ankles, and a mir-rise so that they sit at your natural waist without tightening and creating that dreaded muffin top. They are super comfy and allow for everything from pilates and dance class to a night out – seriously the material is so rocker chic that they could totally be non-gym approved. It was cloudy when we shot these photos, but if it hadn’t been you would have been able to see that the material is shiny – not your average black jersey or lycra. The mesh indents are perfectly placed (and not too risque). And best of all, they FEEL good on. I wasn’t worrying about them falling down – and they didn’t get all slippery when I did Bikram the other week. Pair them with a muscle tee and bomber jacket for the gym, or booties, an oversized tee and a leather jacket for a date-night look. I love leggings that don’t just feel good physically but make me feel good mentally – confident, styled. Definitely loving these and can’t wait to try the next ones!

LEGGINGS: c/o ForLegs Activewear  ::  BOMBER: c/o Mink Pink – on sale for under $50 (comes in  silver too here – super dope)  ::  SHOES: Nike, loving these, these  ::  MUSCLE TEE: Pink by Victoria’s Secret (old), loving this one

All photos by the fabulous Lori Gola of Lori Gola Photography if you’re in Austin – you MUST check her out.

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