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Hi loves!!! Great news – so when I updated the blog last year and moved it over from the original platform that I was using, my Bloglovin’ account got lost in the shuffle. If you don’t know what Bloglovin’ is, let me enlighten you. Bloglovin’ is a free site that allows you to follow all of your favorite blogs in one place while discovering new ones as well! Every time that a blog you follow updates the new post will appear in your Bloglovin’ feed and it makes it soo much easier to read through blogs (no clicking on and on for the next oldest post). See the image below? All those posts organized in one lovely user-friendly place. It’s also great for browsing blogs on your phone, way more mobile friendly than even the best blogs (and this way you’ll never miss an update ever again). Anyways, I finally figured out that my Bloglovin’ link was gone, so that has been rectified and now you can sign up and follow along! I’ll walk you through where to find the sign-up buttons jut in case you need some help 😉


So signing up is super simple, all you need is an email address and password but to get to the site you will want to use one of the two Bloglovin’ buttons in my side bar (see below). Click on either the “Follow me on bloglovin’ ” or the interesting ‘artsy’ pic bloglovin’ image with the chick with half a head. Once you click either of those you will be taken straight to Bloglovin’ and will be prompted to sign up, unless you already have an account. If you do have an account, just go ahead and add the blog to your list of favs, and voila! All of my posts straight to you. Easy, right?

Best Corner

And…one more exciting change!! I’m finally getting around to updating my book list. I love to read, and my biggest issue is that I have such a hard time finding great books. One of my good friends and I constantly exchange info about books we have read, so I figured why not share with all of you? Under the menu bar, click the tab that says “Books Books Books” (pictured below) and you will see my work in progress featuring some of my most favorite recent reads. Enjoy! Oh and HAPPY FRIDAY! I am so ready for the weekend! Work has been craaaazy busy (which I happen to like) but I am definitely ready for a little break…which isn’t really a break at all because #momlife and whatnot but the idea of the weekend sounds pretty damn good. Have a great weekend loves!

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