Flower Child










Sometimes it’s fun to play dress up; sometimes it’s fun to throw on a pretty dress and a crown full of luscious flowers and feel pretty and girly and free. Growing up in northern California on about two acres of apple orchard, I spent the majority of my formative years barefoot playing with our chickens, putting on my mom’s dresses, and stringing flower crowns out of the wildflowers that grew in our fields. This outfit totally feels like a throwback to my younger years, whimsical and carefree. This is perfect festival attire-but both the dress and kimono are versatile and can be mixed and worn so many different ways (hint hint look for more posts involving these pieces!). It is HOT here, like high 90’s, and this gorgeous maxi dress is airy and light and perfect for these super warm days! A huge thank you to Lainee Read Photography  for these perfect pictures!

KIMONO: Bellatrix x Nordstrom, similar steal here and here, splurge here

DRESS: Forever 21, similar steal here, splurges herehere, and here

BOOTS: Steve Madden x Nordstrom (on sale!), steal here, splurge here

FLOWER CROWN: Forever 21, similar steal here and here, splurge here and here