Fitness Friday-March Workout

In honor of the new month, I bring to you the latest workout for March!  How are you guys doing with your training? Seeing results? Feeling good? I love hearing your feedback and am always happy to answer any questions or create variations if you need easier options.  In other exciting news, my home girl Lainee, who is an amaaaaazing photographer and blogger, is out here this weekend to shoot family pics (and how gorgeous is she?? Peep her pics below). I am so excited, she is a total fitness freak just like me and we are already planning out our workouts together and discussing protein and nutrition.  It is so much fun having her here, she is like my twin and I’m so stoked that she is going to be spending the weekend with us!  Annnyyyyyways, on to the workout. Enjoy loves!



Warm Up

  • Foam Roll
  • Turkish Get Ups 3×3
  • Single-leg side bridge 1×8
  • Bear Crawl (distance is up to you!)
  • KB Goblet Squat 1×8
  • KB Bulgarian Split Squat 1×8

Day 1

  • Box Squat 10×20 (30 sec rest)
  • Barbell Hip Thrust 4×6
  • Walking Lunges 4×6/side
  • Lateral Lunge w/ Pulse 3×8 (light weight)

Day 2

  • Half-kneeling Landmine Press 4×6
  • Seated Cable Row 4×8
  • 1-arm DB Push Press 4×5
  • DB Pull-Over 4×8

Day 3

  • Pause Speed Deadlift 6×2
  • Romanian Deadlift 4×6
  • 1-arm Suitcase Deadlift 4×6
  • Jump-Rope or Treadmill (20 minutes)

Day 4

  • Standing 1-arm Cable Press 4×8 (30 sec rest between sides)
  • Half-Kneeling 1-arm Lat Pull-Down 4×8
  • Inverted Row 3×15
  • Bicep Curl 3×15
  • Tricep Push-down w/ Rope 3×15

Day 5

  • Cardio 30 mins intervals of your choice.

Got it? GET IT.  There is nothing better than a good workout. Treat your body with love, it’s the only one that you get, and