Dr. Jart Rocks My World

Hi loves – how was your weekend? We had a busy (and fun) few days, one of my super close friends came out to visit from LA which was seriously awesome…I’ve been a bit homesick and it was so nice to see someone who I’ve known for so long. I had a shoot with a new photographer in downtown Austin on Saturday so I got a chance to see some new parts of the city, after which we went and looked for the bats (if you’re not familiar with the famous Austin bat bridge, read about it here). Sadly they must have migrated a few days prior so there were no bats but we did get an amazing view of the city, with the water and river boats below us, and watched as a multitude of white Snowy Egrets alighted in the trees for the night as the sun set below the horizon. We also got to check out Blue Cat Cafe – if you follow us on @onclosetnine (and if you don’t you really should) then you might have seen my Insta Story with a million cats. Blue Cat Cafe is a cute and quirky spot close to downtown Austin that is full of ready-to-adopt kitties! The best part is that they are all roaming free about the cafe, so you can sit, play with a cat, eat some food, pet a kitten. I mean, talk about animal-lovers heaven. We were so stoked. I loved it there, and I love their philosophy regarding adoption and their love of cats. Great place – definitely somewhere you guys should check out!

Okay on to the actual subject of today’s post: skincare. I have shared in the past about my skincare routine and about how totally sensitive my skin is (last week I shared about my sensitive teeth – I also have a sensitive disposition, FYI). I can seriously just look at a product and break out in a rash. Most sunscreens burn my skin, most face washes dry out my skin majorly and leave me red and scaly, and most products leave my skin worse off than before. So I’m pretty cautious about changing my routines and about what I put on my face. I’m a fashion blogger first, and a beauty blogger second in part because I am so hesitant to test put products on my face. So, when Dr. Jart asked us to check out their products and review their face care line, I was a little worried but figured I would take a chance…and I am SO glad that I did.

First off – you can get Dr. Jart at Sephora. This means something to me because Sephora vets the brands they carry, and if you’re good with Sephora chances are you might be good with me. Secondly, Dr. Jart is amazing for those of us with sensitive skin, they are super dedicated to using the most natural and gentle ingredients possible (and it doesn’t hurt that their packaging is totally in-line with my monochromatic tendencies.

So – here are a few of my favorites so far, I’ll definitely be sharing more as I discover additional Dr. Jart products I can’t live without (realllly want to try their beauty/makeup line). PS – with the holidays literally right around the corner, Dr. Jart would be a fabulous gift to those ladies in your life who are all about natural skincare and beauty. Their Masking All the Way Mask Pack would be a fab stocking stuffer, and the Dermaclear Micro Milk Peel is a super great gift for the girls in your office, friends, etc. Annnd maybe a little something for you too, because you know, you really have just been SO good this year.

My favorites so far:

Masking All the Way Mask Pack and Pore Master Patches
A selection of seven different single-sheet masks, featuring their Prescriptment Masks Collection, these magnificent masks address everything from dryness, to redness, to dullness and uneven texture. Take your pick based on the way your skin feels that day and watch them transform you into a supermodel (no seriously – supermodel skin is possible with Dr. Jart!). Throw in a Pore Master Patch to banish blackheads while you’re at it. I loooove that the Pore Master uses coral powder, sage and tea tree extract as it’s active ingredients, nothing like using natural plants/herbs etc. to treat your skin – natural as much as possible is always my motto when it comes to beauty ingredients!


Dermaclear Trans-Foam Clay Trio

These innovative, multiaction Trans-Foam Clay cleansers are applied like a clay mask but transform into a gentle foaming cleanser, removing makeup, absorbing oil, and detoxifying your skin. When splashed with water, the mineral-rich French clay lathers to a foam that brightens, tones, and removes dead skin cells for a fresh and healthy-looking complexion. Fine natural clay particles charged with hydrogen mineral water and other natural ingredients deeply cleanse pores and gently exfoliate. The clay comes in three colors, each for different skin types or needs. Great for those with dry, oily, OR combo skin, this trio has something for everyone. The white is my personal fave, with it’s calming chamomile and gentle exfoliants.


 Liftra™ Contour Shaper

The Liftra™ Contour Shaper is a massage roller with a 150 degree angle designed to fit a variety of facial shapes—comfortably helping lift the look of saggy and droopy facial lines. By massaging facial muscles with the hand roller, it relaxes the muscles, supports natural blood circulation, strengthens elasticity of saggy facial muscles, and provides visible lifting and sculpting results. The roller’s micro curves formed with several lines effectively stimulate muscles and maximize the massage effect, while 10 germanium balls help support natural blood circulation and improve elasticity with chrome coating that minimizes skin irritation. You can use it as a massage roller on other body parts, such as neck, arms, and legs. It’s also great for massaging moisturizers deeper into the skin. Love love love.


Ceramidin Oil Balm
This do-it-all treatment addresses dry and dehydrated skin. The unique formula transforms from a balm into an easily-absorbed oil on contact. It then melts into skin for instant, moisture and creates a cera-barrier shield to protect and seal in hydration. Ceramides and plant oils nourish skin without greasiness. This balm is perfect for extra-dry patches or chapped, chafed areas and can be used on cuticles, elbows, nails, and hair to keep them looking and feeling nourished and revitalized. I am the sort of person who literally puts oil onto my face and then another moisturizer to seal it in, that is how dry my skin is. This Ceramidin Oil Balm is a one-stop shop, no more need for multiple moisturizers. And it really does literally melt into the skin…like butta.


Dermaclear Micro Milk Peel
The Mirco Milk Peel is a double-layered peel that contains gentle acids to exfoliate and nourish skin without the risk of irritations. Most peels and I do NOT get along. They leave me peeling, but not in a good way in the least. I was especially nervous to try the peel but it is SO gentle. The creamy (milky hehe) formula is gentle enough to not upset my face yet still left me with a glowing complexion and more even, smooth skin. I also love that it comes with both the gauze and cotton pads – makes it a perfect little gift box on its’ own!


Sooo – have you guys used Dr. Jart before? If so, what is your favorite product (love hearing about other’s must-have skincare and beauty products! What are your plans for the coming week? Thanksgiving trips coming up? Adore you all, muah!