Disneyland With The Birthday Girl

As an early birthday present, we took little C to the happiest place on earth (for an almost-two year old anyways); her Grandma Kiki and Papa (Big C’s parents) came along as well.  Little C’s face lit up as she realized where we were.  She has developed a borderline-unhealthy obsession with all things Mickey Mouse, and getting to meet her idol was pretty much the best thing that has ever happened in her life. Her face and expressions were priceless.  She has been talking about it nonstop since we got home! So much fun….there is nothing better than seeing your child happy.
She played peekaboo with Mickey. The man, the myth, the legend-in the flesh.
She wasn’t so sure about Goofy though, at least at first. 
As the birthday girl, she was given the royal treatment which involved riding on shoulders.
And getting lots of special one-on-one time with Grandma Kiki and Papa.
Our stroller ended up serving as just a functional carry-all, since the birthday princess was riding in style. Rather off-topic, but I LOVE our Rebecca Minkoff diaper bag. It is super versatile, easy to organize, matches EVERYTHING, and has been one of the best purchases!  Our Uppababy stroller has been our other golden purchase, it has attachments for infant carriers and came with a bassinet so that when Little C was a baby, she could sleep in it comfortably. As she has gotten older it has grown with her, and she loves that we can adjust the foot rest and the incline. Bonus-it has a huge carrier underneath for shopping and groceries and easily folds up to go in the trunk.
In Toon Town, Little C and I put on our hoods to match our Bonnie and Clyde personas and went for a joyride in a car.
She is a very serious driver. Great concentration. Obviously when she turns 16 and starts driving I won’t be concerned at all. NOT.
Cheesin’ it up with my babe. I love my little lady so much.
Little C realized there was an issue with the gas pedal…..
And decided to investigate the issue. FYI-if you are a first-time Disneylander, then pack for comfort when you go. Heels and DIsneyland DO NOT MIX. Leave the stilettos at home-you can still be cute and comfy at the same time. I always wear a trusty pair or kicks, like my converse all stars, and bring a hoodie since you generally end up being there late. I am lusting after this sweatshirt! 
Little C swooped up a pair of pink sequined Minnie Mouse ears-such a girl.
Grandma helped her put them on.
They happened to match her sweatshirt perfectly. 
When Little C got hungry,  we stopped for a break and got some food. Another little Disneyland trick-aside from packing your own healthy snacks and treats, you can always find fresh, whole foods at Disneyland if you look for them! Little C enjoyed a huge chunk of watermelon and some pretzel thins with hummus that we purchased (way better than the candy/popcorn/ice cream options.
We visited Donald Duck’s home (which is a boat)
Played hide and seek.
And waived to Gandma Kiki and Papa.
And of course made some funny faces. 
Last but not least, what would a trip be without some fabulous outtakes?!
Thanks for reading! Muah <3