Disneyland: Fail

Poor Little C had been talking about going to Disneyland for months (she loves it there so much), and we had been planning to go with Big C’s family to the park so that she and cousin Riley could go on the rides and play; meet characters, eat treats and build more memories. Big fat FAIL. Unfortunately as it turns out, the “happiest place on earth” isn’t so happy when your little one is suffering from the flu and it’s 85 degrees outside. No matter how magical Disneyland may be, it just couldn’t do it for poor Little miss C. We had hoped that maybe with the combination of Advil and anticipation to see her favorite place on earth that Little C would feel better, but it was not to be. She cried the whole way to Disneyland and most of the time that we were there. She did perk up momentarily to say hi to Ariel the Little Mermaid and to give Pluto kisses, but the rest of her time was spent either in my arms or in her stroller alternating crying with various moans and whines. We did make it onto one ride (Pirates of the Caribbean) which she usually loves but found absolutely terrifying, poor thing, and also attempted the carousel which also culminated in tears. The one saving grace in the Disneyland quagmire involved a vanilla ice cream in the shape of Mickey Mouse that was covered in a thick layer of chocolate, which Little C saw and immediately had to have. When the babe is sick she rarely eats so we were happy to acquiesce (along with secret hopes that some ice cream would suddenly turn the day around). While she seemed content and rather thrilled at the prospect of her Mickey Mouse ice cream, the minute that it was gone she was back to her sad little self, asking to go home and crying. Poor baby had a fever and even with her Advil she was just so uncomfortable – and it was clear that it was time to give up and go home. A huge thank you to Disneyland though – they totally took pity on us and our tired, sobbing Little C. We headed over to the City Hall and explained that we had only been at Disneyland for about an hour and that our little one was just too sick to enjoy the glory that is Disneyland (which again was helped by the continuous wailing of poor Little C). They gave us two free tickets to return whenever we wanted which meant that the day was not a total and complete fail. I still felt terrible for Little C and guilty for her being brought to Disneyland in the first place, but felt a tad but better knowing we didn’t throw away money along with everything else.

So….here’s my #momlife insight and what I learned from the day that I can pass on to you: If your kid is sick, don’t go to Disneyland. If your baby isn’t well, no amount of Disney magic is going to make things better. Listen to your instincts. If your mommy-brain says this isn’t going to go well, then listen to it, because you’re right and it won’t. Save your money (and your sanity) for a better day when you can all enjoy the glory that is D-land together. Because if there is one thing more depressing than a sad, sick baby, it’s being with a sad, sick baby at the happiest place on earth. Quite the contradiction. Good thing she still looks super cute in the pictures 😉 Happy Monday!