Conquering the Potty and Other Fabulousness

It’s time for another Little C update! She is such a nut, a total comedian. Recently heard in the house was “Daddy, stop singing, NO singing! This is NOT music class!” and “Mommy, don’t throw my cup, it is NOT a basketball” (please note that the throwing of the cup on my part happened because she had filled the cup to the brim with her bath water and then had thrown it from the bathtub onto the floor….). Needless to say from those two examples, we are going through an uber bossy phase which is just lovely (not). While I’m glad that she is confidant and opinionated it can make things rather difficult, but it’s part of what makes her HER so in the end I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The newest highlights:

  • She is currently obsessed with saying “look at me” and then making a silly face or posing. Generally this means doing a split stance with one fist in the air and sticking out her tongue, or contorting her face into the strangest grimace she can come up with. She gets so excited to say “look at me” that it comes out more like ‘lookameeee”.
  • She is REALLY into spiderwebs right now, which she was calling “spider hands” for a moment.They scare her and she says that they are “gross” but she always wants to look at them and freak herself out, weirdo 🙂  She sees one and will say “Oooo that’s a big one, it’s yucky” and pretend to be terrified but she seeks them out…not sure what that is all about.
  • Speaking of spiders, she has a plastic toy tarantula that she acquired the last time that my mom was in town, and that thing is SO FREAKING CREEPY!!!! It looks real, and if you wind it up it scurries across the floor. I hate it. She loves it. I lose.
  • Recently she got ahold of some pink lipstick and gave herself a fantastic unibrow. She was incredibly proud and I was incredibly horrified to see that she had destroyed a tube of tarte Amazonian butter lipstick. Sigh.
  • She is REALLY into dragons. Everything is somehow about or related to dragons.
  • This last week she developed quite the affinity for Superman, and has been watching a compilation on YouTube titled “Superman’s Top 11 Punches Ever“. She watches it in the morning on my phone while Big C and I get ready for work and then again on the way home from school.
  • She LOVES to scoop the poop out of the cat box. Like, LOVES. It’s a problem mainly because she has rather poor aim when it comes to dumping the poop into a bag….so I end up cleaning about a pound of litter off the floor by the time that she is done. Otherwise it’s very sweet that she wants to help with caring for the kitties.
  • She is completely potty trained, which is awesome! Preschool suggested that we have her sleep through the night without a diaper and she did great. We are now going on three weeks of no diapers at night and so far, knock on wood, no accidents.
  • As a prize for her conquering of the potty, she got some new underwear with Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, and Doc McStuffins. There is something really cute about her little bum in her little underwear. She is such a tiny thing that they sort of bag on her, and she likes to pull them up past her belly button like a high waisted pair of shorts.
  • She had a recent bout with pneumonia which was no fun for anyone.
  • Over the weekend I walked out of our room to find Little C standing proudly on top of the kitchen counter. She had dragged a chair from the kitchen table to the counter and then somehow hoisted herself up. Imagine my shock at that one, I had left the room for less than a minute. We are screwed.
  • She is obsessed with gum, like must have it all the time obsessed. We are not sure who introduced her to gum but she has to have a piece on the way home from school or there will be problems. I tell myself it’s ok because it’s sugar-free and can help keep her teeth clean….oh mommy guilt.
  • We have implemented a sticker chart system for getting her to brush her teeth at night. It hasn’t gone as well as we had hoped, recently she got ahold of the stickers and filled in every single block….so we aren’t sure exactly where she is in terms of getting her prize for filling it up. Stinker.
  • She recently discovered ranch dressing at Cafe Vida and now wants to dip everything and anything in it. I am currently on the hunt for a healthy homemade ranch recipe so if anyone has one by all means send them my way.
  • Little C is all about the pool. She requests each morning that we go to the pool and the “cuzzi” (jacuzzi) and swim rather than go to school. I like the way she thinks.
  • She recently learned about not feeling well (probably from preschool) but has not quite figured out that there has to be something after feel, as in “mommy, I don’t feel good”; instead she says “mommy, I don’t feel” and makes this sad little face. Heartbreaking.
  • Her hair is FINALLY getting long enough that I can put it in a tiny ponytail or pigtails – however she requests that I do her hair like mine and it’s rather difficult to explain to a 2.5 year old why their 2 inch long curls can’t go halfway down their back. We’re working on that one.
  • She has come to the conclusion that anything from a spot of dirt on a toy to a little bit of crustiness in her eyes from sleeping is a bug, i.e.: mommy there is something in my eye, it’s a little bug! A little bug is in me eye!” (yes, sometimes she talks like a pirate).
  • She has developed a whole litany of stalling tactics for bedtime, from “I have to use the potty” to “I need breakfast”. Bedtime has been getting later and later….hopefully we can break that cycle soon, cause mommy is tired.
  • Before I leave for work Little C requires that I give her a high five and a “boom” (fist bump). She knows how to get the day started.
  • Current favorite book: Once Upon a Potty
  • Current favorite color: pink pink pink pink pink
  • Current favorite food: macaroni and cheese (sigh) and anything with sugar in it
  • Current favorite song: Never Fallin by Living Legends (kid has good taste!)
  • Current favorite movie: Rio 2 and The Little Mermaid
  • Current favorite activity: riding the ponies at the farmer’s market